Tips for Hiring a Qualified Freelance Financial Writer for Blogs, Articles and Website Content

Finding a capable freelancer to write financial copy, whether it’s for blogs, press releases or website content, can seem daunting. Conveying the intricacies of money, retirement, investing, regulation and budgeting with authority and credibility in a way that is both readable and engaging requires a talented writer with a solid comprehension of financial issues and[…]

visitor policy

Do Organizations with a Visitor Management System in Place Need a Visitor Policy?

visitor policy Most security-conscious organizations have a policy in place for workplace safety and security. But even with a visitor management system in place, do you have a clear and concise policy in place for workplace visitors? Such policies not only protect the safety and security of your workplace and employees, they protect your visitors[…]

IP Migration

Visitor Management IP Migration Innovates Emergency Preparedness for Enterprises of all Sizes

What does visitor management mean to you? For many organizations, it means logging visitor information at the front desk when they arrive for an appointment, to deliver supplies or complete on-site work projects. However, a robust VMS is part of a larger technology network that can offer an increased level of security to protect staff,[…]

security metrics

Effective Practices for Utilizing Security Metrics

Security metrics provide security specialists with a quantifiable way to measure the effectiveness of security programs and processes. The use of security metrics has grown in recent years, and so has the number and type of metrics used to evaluate security program efficiencies. But without careful auditing and investigation, metrics can’t effectively evaluate the process[…]

facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology and the Privacy Conundrum

Facial recognition technology is ubiquitous. It tracks us as we shop, travel, and even as we go to church. That’s right, unbeknownst to parishioners, a growing number of houses of worship use facial recognition software to track parishioners at services and church events. The Department of Homeland Security, along with other governmental agencies, uses facial[…]

FSMA Compliance

Visitor Management Helps Achieve FSMA, ITAR and C-TPAT Compliance

FSMA compliance For companies in some industries, a visitor management system is more than an important part of a comprehensive physical security plan— it’s a key element of regulatory compliance. If your company operates in any industry subject to FSMA, ITAR or C-TPAT regulations, a VM system can help achieve compliance while enhancing productivity, as[…]