March 8, 2017

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What is the most important element of any business’s content marketing strategy? It’s the blog, hands down. For years I have been preaching the virtues of blogging to business-owners, and frankly, any business operating today without a dynamic blog churning out high-quality search engine optimized content regularly is in a serious state of self-sabotage.

Here are three blogging mistakes that can be fatal to any business, large or small:Mistake #1: No

Mistake #1: No blog.

I am always dumbfounded to see a business website with no blog. Without one, the only opportunities available to increase website traffic and attract new customers come at a high price—thousands upon thousands of dollars every month in advertising. Advertising is good, but today, consumers prefer the human touch that a blog brings to a business at a fraction of the cost.

Mistake #2: The blog is there, but new content is sporadic.

Actually, a neglected blog is almost worse than no blog at all, and yet we see this routinely. You have a great looking website and blog set up, but no new content in months on end! For one thing, search engines grind to a halt when it comes to crawling stagnant blogs. They just don’t. Your visibility and brand awareness tank quickly and they stay tanked without a serious content resurgence. The few visitors who do venture onto your website are left wondering if the business is even operational, and you can bet they won’t be back

Mistake #3: Missing the mark with stale, trite or boring content.

Among the worst blogging offenses is posting content that no one wants to read. You’re supposed to be engaging readers, not putting them to sleep or worse—infuriating them with self-serving corporate speak that reads like it was written to please the C-suite rather than visitors. Some blogs focus too heavily on SEO, which makes the content read like an obnoxious sales pitch, or rehash old information that everyone already knows. A great copywriter knows that a successful blog demands a clear understanding of why you actually need a blog in the first place!

Without an engaging and informative blog, a company is severely hamstrung. There’s no way to compete with other businesses offering the same products and services when they’re maintaining an active blog since they’re the ones customers find easily. Companies that blog have a vital online presence that gives them visibility above and beyond any other form of marketing. They enjoy steady traffic to their websites, and consumers share blogs they enjoy on social media, further expanding the blogger company’s visibility.

A blog offers businesses a great opportunity to publish interesting and informative content, and in doing so they attract new visitors to their websites and keep their existing customers engaged regularly. But a successful blog takes more than simply posting a few nice stories now and then, and this is where blog management comes in. Growing and maintaining an effective blog is hard work. In addition to writing the kind of high-quality, professional content that attracts readers, there are other pressing duties involved.


SEOSearch engine optimization, for instance, which is crucial to getting your content discovered by web crawlers like Google, and ultimately the public at large. SEO is synonymous with visibility, and it’s an important skill that not everyone who writes a blog possesses.

In addition, there are the demands of editing content, link building to your web pages, formatting and publishing each blog (ideally a steady stream of rich and original content) and promoting each blog post. There’s also the demanding chore of gathering images and graphics to bring visual interest to each post.

If you’re like most business owners, you simply don’t have the time to do all of this yourself and run a business. It’s simply not possible. Now, I will concede that there are a handful of business owners who blog and even do it well, but they’re a tiny minority. The likelihood of most business owners finding the time to not only blog, but who have the technical skills to utilize SEO, tackle link building, and promote each blog sufficiently is slim to none. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for most corporate leaders.


The number one rule of thumb for managing a great blog is consistency. You have to be feeding new, high-quality content into it continuously, or you lose search engine mobility and with it, traffic. Leads dry up quickly when a blog is neglected—consumers will quickly move on to your competitor whose blog is always in motion, most likely because he or she feels the money paid to a professional writer and blog manager is money well spent. In fact, the ROI on an optimally performing blog can be breathtaking.

According to ROI business blogging expert David Haldorsen, a leadership development coach, behavioral counselor, content writer and content marketing specialist, organizations that place an emphasis on business blogging experience a staggering 1300 percent increase in their prospects for positive ROI. More specifically, digital marketers who publish 16 or more new blog posts per month generate 450 percent more business leads than those who post the usual 0-4 blog posts per month. So with these kinds of returns, paying a professional writer and blog manager is a great investment.

You understand as a business owner that you have to hire and pay people to do all the jobs you simply can’t do yourself. If you’ve held out on getting a pro in to grow and manage your blog because you think there might be a less expensive way of doing it, it’s not getting done at all is it?  In the meantime, your competition is either outsourcing their blog content writing and management, or they have a pro in-house. And believe me, they can afford that pro for the brisk website traffic and resultant lead generation they’re experiencing.


If you are one of those business owners who’s afraid to invest in the kind of talent and tech skills a blogging professional brings to the table—and by invest I am not talking about money, a professional writer and blog manager won’t break the bank (but they just might make you wealthy)—it’s time to snap out of it before your competition leaves you in their digital dust. It’s not too late to get started with a committed blog strategy overseen by a seasoned professional, someone you can rely on to get your traffic rolling and your numbers spiking. I’m talking real, measurable results that you will not see without a professionally written and managed blog.  

Worst case scenario, you’ll beat yourself up for waiting this long.

Remember, your website and your blog are often the first glimpse customers, colleagues, and competitors get of you and your organization. Today, your website and blog are what makes the proverbial “first impression,” and you know what they say about first impressions—there’s no second chance to make one.

If potential customers visit your website one time and find nothing compelling there, they won’t stick around and they won’t come back. A great blog offering new streams of quality content is what drives traffic to websites, and consumers to buying your goods and services. It’s really a no brainer.

You need a professional copywriter to deliver the high-quality content that draws traffic. You need a blog manager who understands the role blogging plays in a strategic marketing campaign. You need professionals who understand your market, your industry, and your competitors.

For more than 20 years, I have been wearing all hats in the digital marketing world. As a trained and experienced journalist, copywriter, and researcher, I deliver powerful content that brings readers back for more. My expertise includes SEO, link management, website content writing, editing—the whole shebang. And since I happen to love what I do, you will too.


Compared to a boutique PR firm or team of in-house marketing employees, I am a bargain. I’ve also probably been doing this a lot longer than they have, so you benefit from years of expert content writing experience and increased productivity from this seasoned professional. I also have experienced marketing and digital tech whizzes helping to keep things running smoothly and on time.

With my blog writing and management services, you get all the benefits of a dedicated professional blogger and marketing strategist at a fraction of the cost. I offer blog writing and management fee packages to fit every budget, and I’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the services you need at a price you can afford.

Whether you need a blog developed from scratch, social media accounts set up and populated, an update to some tired old website content, an online visibility boost—or all of the above—we’ll get you set up. I offer a free consultation in order to look at what you have, understand your marketing goals, and develop a comprehensive strategy to get your business’s online presence up and running, with a plan for growth that’s organic and effective.

We’ll discuss your content needs and your comfort zones, and I’ll work with you to deliver the content that your target audiences will respond to. You can cancel my services at any time, so no worries about being stuck with a long-term contract.  

Click on the “Get Started” icon below to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation with Liz, and we’ll get back to you lickety split!.

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