May 14, 2017

blog writing & management services pricing

Get complete blog writing, search engine optimizing, and blog management services across most industries and niches. Understanding your business and your blogging goals are key to my success—and yours.


All content is 100 percent unique, original content centered on your business and industry trends. Each professionally written blog article is expertly search engine optimized (SEO) using keywords and meta tags for maximum search engine visibility.

Pricing includes posting directly to your blog site with images.

Pricing (blogs up to 500 words each):

blog pricing Liz Ernst

All blog content is not created equal.

Hiring an inexperienced or unskilled writer will not only do you no good when it comes to attracting visibility, it can hurt your business’s image and deter visitors from returning to your site. If you’re stuck with blog posts that need heavy editing and revisions, you’re only adding to your workload.

What can a high quality, professionally written and consistent blog do for your business? Plenty!

Increase search results for your business on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engine crawlers

•  Increase customer engagement and attract new customers to your website
• . Drive traffic to increase potential leads
• . Earn a reputation for yourself and your company as industry experts

Building and maintaining a successful blog, rich in high-quality content, search engine optimized for maximum search engine discovery by search engine crawlers, is a demanding task but vital to your business’s marketing and branding efforts. A well-designed blog with informative and relevant content is perhaps the best (and least expensive) marketing tool available in terms of ROI.

You’re busy running a business!

Trying to write consistently and manage your blog on your own or in-house rarely works. You’re busy running a business. It’s easy to neglect your blog when you have more pressing matters, but distractions that take you away from your blog, or the decision to pass blog responsibilities on to an employee who is not a professional blogger, writer, or SEO expert can backfire.

Search engines won’t find the blog in the first place if it’s not properly optimized. Blog content containing stylistic, spelling or factual errors, or writing that is not industry-specific or professional quality reflect poorly on you and your company.

Each blog needs to contain three elements to be successful: they must be informative, tell readers something new, and they must be enjoyable to read.  A successful blog keeps readers engaged and coming back for more, encourages readers to “share” them on social media (which is how they go viral), and drives new traffic to your website.

Your time is valuable, and writing high-quality blog content that will attract visitors to your website requires consistency, commitment, expertise, and hard work. If your blog post that should have gone out today keeps getting pushed back to tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…it’s time to outsource to a pro.

Consider a trial run

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to outsource your content to a professional blogger, why not consider a trial run? Purchase one blog and see the quality of the work for yourself.

$40 could be a very beneficial wager once you cross that bridge with an expert.

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