Make them say your name

Make them say your name. That’s right. Louder!

Make them say your name. Growing a business means marketing your brand effectively. You need to build an online presence that stands out. The road to outstanding online visibility combines high quality content and SEO to raise consumer awareness to your brand’s products and services. I’m talking relevant website and blog content, super-charged with essential[…]

Copywriting brief

The Copywriting Brief: The Key to Awesome Content, Plus a Downloadable Template to Make it Easy

Copywriting brief When it comes down to capturing compelling content for your blogs, website, social media or marketing campaigns, business owners who take a few minutes to brief their copywriter gain a huge advantage time-wise and budget-wise. You may feel that the time spent writing a copywriter brief takes just as long as it would[…]

About Us website page

Boilerplate “About Us” Website Pages Sabotage Conversion Rates. Time to Tell Your Story

“About Us” website pages Storytelling is not something I ordinarily recommend for business website content, but a growing trend has organizations utilizing their “About Us” pages to share a more customer-centric story of their entrepreneurial and personal journeys, and what makes them special. In recent years, I’ve experienced a marked increase in clients requesting web[…]


Don’t go out of business. Outsource.

Finding Outsource a capable freelancer to write financial copy, whether it’s for blogs, press releases or website content, can seem daunting. Outsource Conveying the intricacies of money, retirement,        investing, regulation and budgeting with authority and credibility in a way that is both readable and engaging requires a talented writer with a[…]