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Boilerplate “About Us” Website Pages Sabotage Conversion Rates. Time to Tell Your Story

“About Us” website pages Storytelling is not something I ordinarily recommend for business website content, but a growing trend has organizations utilizing their “About Us” pages to share a more customer-centric story of their entrepreneurial and personal journeys, and what makes them special. In recent years, I’ve experienced a marked increase in clients requesting web[…]

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  Website content writing & Development Scroll to end of this page to view website content examples Millions of consumers use the internet daily to get information about products, services, events—you name it. The Web offers everyone, everywhere, information on just about everything. It’s a powerful tool for businesses and professional organizations that utilize it[…]

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Freelance —writing services Running a business, whether online or a brick and mortar, requires an enormous amount of writing. There’s your website content, your blog content. social media posts, sales & marketing copy, professional bios, and press releases. That’s not all. There’s keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), editing, publishing, and distribution. The list goes on.[…]