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Boilerplate “About Us” Website Pages Sabotage Conversion Rates. Time to Tell Your Story

“About Us” website pages Storytelling is not something I ordinarily recommend for business website content, but a growing trend has organizations utilizing their “About Us” pages to share a more customer-centric story of their entrepreneurial and personal journeys, and what makes them special. In recent years, I’ve experienced a marked increase in clients requesting web[…]

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Website Content Writing & Development – below are just a few examples  Click on images below to view full websites                                  website content  •  WordPress websites  •  expert marketing content blog content in your industry or niche  •  effective landing pages free[…]

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Freelance —writing services Running a business, whether online or a brick and mortar, requires an enormous amount of writing. There’s your website content, your blog content. social media posts, sales & marketing copy, professional bios, and press releases. That’s not all. There’s keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO), editing, publishing, and distribution. The list goes on.[…]