October 12, 2015

copy editing services for businesses & professionals

Professional copy editing services focused on businesses and professionals

Liz Ernst focuses her copy editing and proofreading services on businesses and professionals. Liz offers affordable copy editing services centered on the needs of small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, professionals, and others with day to day content in the form of website content, blogs, social media posts, marketing brochures and more. With so many businesses rushing to feed content to web browsers, a lot of mistakes slip in there with the content, which hurts business probably more than you know. Liz fixes mistakes and takes it a step further to polish your copy, make it flow, concise, consistent, and complete without diluting your brand message.

Our copy editing services adjust sentence and paragraph structure, eliminate redundant words, replace repetitive words with synonyms, and substitute weak words, phrases, and sentences with alternatives that deliver more impact or are more relevant to your topic, without diluting your message. In fact, great copy editing should make your message even stronger. And not just in web content. Liz edits documents, letters/correspondence, contracts, technical papers and manuals, and other business-related copy.

With more than 20 years’ experience copy editing for a variety of businesses and professionals, Liz knows how to make necessary changes while ensuring your original message and tone remains intact. In some cases, clients can expect noticeable changes to their original content. Be prepared to thoroughly read through your edited content after Liz returns it to you. If there are any questions or concerns regarding her edits, Liz will be happy to review them with you, either by email or phone. Of course, no editing project is complete until you approve it.

As a professional copy editor, Liz uses Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, which allows you to easily review, accept, or reject changes to your content on an edit-by-edit basis.

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