October 12, 2015

Copy Editing Services

copy editing servicesCopy editing services – In addition to our proofreading services, ernstPR offers copy editing services that focus on polishing your copy to make it clear, correct, concise, consistent, and complete.

Our copy editing services adjust sentence and paragraph structure, eliminate redundant words, replace repetitive words with synonyms, and substitute weak words, phrases, and sentences with alternatives that deliver more impact or are more relevant to your topic, without diluting your message. In fact, great copy editing should make your message even stronger.

Experienced copy editors make sure your original tone remains intact. Expect noticeable changes to your original content. Be prepared to thoroughly reread your content and review these changes after we return your copy edited version to you.

As professional copy editors, we  always use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, which allows you to easily review, accept, or reject changes to your content on an edit-by-edit basis.

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