April 2, 2016

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Liz Ernst story
At first, I set out to be a reporter and win a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. So, I graduated from J-School with honors and dove into my chosen career in the press.

Later, when my two boys arrived demanding to be raised, the unpredictable hours and often sketchy assignment locations that are the daily grind of reporting had me weighing my options. So, I navigated to PR.

The PR/marketing scene turned out to be very different from journalism, although a journalism background sure comes in handy. I made lots of mistakes early on. Reprogramming my brain from unbiased news writing to crafting client-centric branding content was challenging at first, but once I acclimated it was game on!

Over the years, I’ve established some great relationships with clients, steeped in trust and mutual respect. My most successful clients are those who do what I say and don’t give me any lip. It’s in their best interest.

I’ve been working as a freelance journalist, copywriter and content marketing strategist for more tan 20 years. Among my shortcomings, I’m monolingual. On the bright side, I am a master of the English language, and I take advantage of that proficiency to create engaging and compelling content that attracts readers and keeps them coming back for more. By adding expert SEO to the mix, I ensure the content reaches the right audiences. That’s my super power.

Liz ernst story