October 2, 2016

Social media bio writing services

Low Cost social media bio writing services


Social Media bios strike the right balance between personality, professionalism, originality, and humor—sometimes in just 160 characters.

Your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook social media bio profiles are a key component of your corporate, professional and personal branding, providing you with an opportunity to inject some personality into your business profile.

Social media bio writing has distinct rules and principles for success: they’re shorter and more casual than professional bios—but just as important. Liz Ernst, ernstPR, is a social media writing and management specialist who knows how to write social media bios that maximize the limited character counts inherited in these specialized short bios, while engaging readers and taking advantage of SEO.

Don’t undercut your social media visibility with a bio that misses the mark. Find out how Liz can give your social bio the most bang for the buck.

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