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Connect with target audiences. Communicate your brand’s value. Boost leads and increase revenue. You need copywriting that sells.

Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing at its best. It takes a robust combination of approach, knowledge, style, and craftsmanship to write copy that can effectively persuade your target audience to do business with you, and increase online visibility for your business or professional organization.

The primary goal of copywriting is to create a core message that distinctly expresses your brand’s value. My professional copywriting services specialize in developing unique copy specifically customized for individual startups and growing businesses. Working with market research and SEO tools, I create customer-driven content that motivates target audiences to visit your website, follow your blog and social media pages, and learn more about your products and services.

A professional copywriter can:

• Drive traffic to your website

• Enhance your organization’s image
• Increase conversions

• Increase online visibility
• Reinforce branding
• Communicate with potential customers
in a way they understand and to which they can relate

• Deliver actionable copy
• Increase your sales
• Develop copy that works from
a potential customer’s perspective

Copywriting is critical for the growth of your business or professional organization, whether you’re a start-up, enterprise, or professional services provider. Chances are, you haven’t paid much attention to your copywriting until now. Professional copywriting can help your organization in a number of ways:


Clear and succinct copy is essential for making sure that employees understand their jobs, including compensation, benefits, responsibilities, and organizational rules and expectations. Partners also need to clearly understand their roles in relation to the business or firm, what they can expect from the organization, and what the organization expects from them.

When the copy you share with these people isn’t clear and concise, you put yourself at risk of anything from minor misunderstandings to major lawsuits for breach of contract. Everything from your employee handbook to your emergency procedures, safety requirements in the workplace, sexual harassment policy, visitor policies, and other important information should be developed by a professional copywriter who can produce comprehensive copy that everyone can understand and meets all legal requirements to protect you and your business.

With the Public

When you produce product or service descriptions, contracts, agreements or other content related to your customers or the public, your copy needs to be clear, factual, and comprehensive in order to prevent the impression that customers or potential customers are being misled in any way. There can be financial and legal ramifications to content accuracy as well.

For example, if your in-house staffer who is not a professional copywriter but is assigned copywriting tasks makes a mistake such as claiming that a length of fabric on sale is 3 yards wide instead of 3 feet wide, you may be dealing with some unhappy customers who will demand refunds or the remainder of the fabric they’re owed. You can lose customers who no longer trust your business after just one mistake, regardless of how innocent. Unhappy customers will relay their negative experience to others on social media and through word-of-mouth, which will cut into your ability to gain new customers. In fact, a mistake in your copy can turn into a PR nightmare that damages your company’s reputation in the short- and long-term. The quality of your copywriting impacts your organization both inside and out. Outsourcing a professional copywriter can actually save you money, and the ROI is tangible.

Your copy should send a professional, positive message

More than 90 percent of first-time visitors to your website sum up your organization within a minute or two. Even if your website is beautifully designed with cool graphics, it’s your content that will make the crirical first impression, and you know what they say about first impressions—there’s no second chance.

Weak copy—copy that’s un-engaging, dated, or contains misspells, grammatical and punctuation errors or missed words  sends the message that the organization is sloppy and indifferent to public perception. Potential customers, competitors, and other business leaders are left with the impression that quality is not a top priority if so little attention is paid to the content, which represents the company’s public image. In fact, a website is usually consumers’ first introduction to the business. If they’re unimpressed for any reason, they’ll exit your website and move on to your competitor’s website, and they will keep searching until they find a site that impresses them. They want content that reassures them that the business is competent and considerate enough to make sure the copy is written to engage and gain their trust.

Businesses that fail to make high-quality content a priority struggle to earn customer loyalty and trust. In today’s customer-centric  business environment, consumer trust is tantamount to making sales. After all, if a business fails to offer website and blog content  that motivates potential customers to buy their products and services, they won’t even bother to find out if its customer service and industry expertise are confidence builders; they’ve already moved on to a competitor. If you’re among the (too) many business owners and professional service providers who underestimate the power of their content’s influence on target audiences, you’re losing sales. The cost of outsourcing your copywriting to a professional will be repaid in short order, and the long-term ROI will solidify the value of hiring a professional copy writer.

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