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Securing press coverage requires planning, consistent outreach, follow up and perseverance. To get started with an effective media relations campaign, you’ll need to plan well, and plan ahead. 

However, before beginning any press outreach, the very first starting point of your media relations strategy should be to gather the information and collateral that needs to be incorporated in an electronic press kit.

To be effective, your electronic press kit—like its printed predecessor— is expertly planned and constructed to assist members of the media in developing stories on your business, book release, products, services or band.  A press kit needs to provide all of the content a reporter, producer or blogger needs to  tell your brand or corporate story, and make the information they need readily available. The content of your electronic press kit will depend on the industry you’re in, the size of your business and the type of media and geographic range you’re targeting for coverage.

ernstPR can create a beautiful electronic press kit for your organization, as this example created for a Minneapolis-based tech incubator demonstrates. We build them with WordPress software, starting at $250. Cost estimates will be provided in the form of a proposal within a day or two of receiving your request. 

An electronic press kit can be created  to complement the look and feel of your brand, and is easily shared with members of the press.  It can be easily adapted to your WordPress site or a dedicated press tab on your company’s website all work well. Here is an example:

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