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target audienceMillions of consumers use the internet daily to get information about products, services, events—you name it. The Web offers everyone, everywhere, information on just about everything. It’s a powerful tool for businesses and professional organizations that utilize it wisely. On the flip side, it’s game-over for those that don’t.

What’s at stake?
Because the internet is such a critical tool for attracting target audiences—your potential customers—the challenge to organizations is to keep them on their website and give them no reason to go to a competitor’s site. The organization with the best content wins. Successful, lead-generating content that converts involves more than a smattering of words that regurgitate the same old boilerplate copy, dated information, and word salad.

What do potential customers expect?
Consumers expect to feel invited, welcome, informed, and impressed when they enter a business website.In fact, think of your website as your organization’s virtual lobby. Visitors expect to feel welcomed, and they want to have a good experience.They make up their minds within about 90 seconds whether to stay or move on, so there’s absolutely no room for error. Typos, spelling/grammar/punctuation “oopsie,” poorly constructed sentences, spammy backlinks, and an absence of new relevant information not only turn potential customers off, but also search engines penalize websites for these deficiencies as well. If copy doesn’t meet search engine requirements for valuable and relevant content, the website is relegated to the bottom of the web crawler heap. If the search engines aren’t picking an organization’s site up and moving it ever higher in the coveted search results hierarchy, customers won’t be able to find them.

The business becomes invisible.

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It’s all about first impressions
Consumers gravitate to businesses and professionals who rank high in their searches, and whose website copy is polished and professional, error-free, informative, and engaging. It’s all about first impressions, which are almost entirely made by the quality of the content.

An organization can have a beautifully designed, graphically breathtaking website, but if the content is lame, customers won’t be buying their goods or services. They’ll simply move on to the next website—a competitor’s—and perhaps that business’s website will not only have whatever it is they’re looking for, the company gives the impression that it cares enough to present professional, polished, informative content that engages. Studies show that consumers will buy a product or service without looking elsewhere when they land on a website that meets their needs and expectations, just as they do when they’re brick and mortar shopping. Except between 80 and 90 percent of consumers search the web for what they need before they even leave the house to purchase.

ROI content developmentInvest in your business’s growth
In today’s digital world, a professional content writer is one of the most important investments that businesses and professional firms can make, particularly in competitive markets. Paying a pro to get it right will generate leads, increase website traffic, and ultimately improve sales.
The ROI on professional content development is potent..The ROI on maintaining website content that is not professionally developed, crafted, engaging, and search engine optimized (SEO) specifically to reach one’s target audience is nil.

If your organization’s competitors are outsourcing their content to a professional content writer and you are not, you’re feeding potential customers to the other guy.

Today, successful marketing is all in the copy. If your website shines, you win. A professional website copywriter has all the tools, as well as the crucial writing skills and market expertise to help businesses grow and achieve their goals.</span


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