March 8, 2017

professional AP style press release writing services

Press Release Writing Services

The most successful people and organizations understand the impact that a press release can have in their industries. Bill Gates and Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Tim Cook and Apple—these guys distribute sometimes hundreds of press releases in a week as part of their long-term strategy to maintain press attention and reinforce brand awareness among their target markets.

While most organizations don’t generally issue press releases as frequently and in such high volume, they are still an important element of your overall PR and marketing campaigns.

When should you issue a press release?

Most business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals find the need for a press release to announce:
• . a business launch
• . website launch
• . A new office opening
• . A blog launch
•   A new product or service launch
• . A new hire
• . A seminars your organization is hosting
• . An award you or a member of your organization received
• . Other special events.

A professionally-written press release is an important tool for raising awareness of a newsworthy event with the media and the community. Liz Ernst has an inexplicable ability to take even the most complex and technical information and write about it in a way that is highly readable and comprehensible to the general public without diluting the integrity of the subject matter.

Professionally written to AP Style journalism standards

Your press release will be written by Liz Ernst, a veteran journalist with more than 20 years’ experience writing high-quality news releases that get noticed. You can expect high-quality professional AP Style writing, screened for accuracy and search engine optimized to reach your target audience.

Liz knows how to craft press releases that are informative and engaging. Her writing style accommodates readers in the general public as well as industry professionals.

Once your release is written, a first draft is delivered to your inbox for review. If edits are requested, simply annotate them the draft copy and send it back to Liz. She’ll have a second draft with your revisions back to you usually within a few hours.

Liz’s press releases are guaranteed to meet industry compliance and the strict guidelines of wire service distributors.

Qualified press release writer

When the time comes for your organization to issue a press release, you want to make sure the writer is not just a skilled wordsmith; you will want to make sure they have a background in journalism—this is essential to guaranteeing your release being accepted and published by legitimate news organizations.


Liz offers distribution options through top syndicated wire services to fit a range of budgets. From initial contact, through the process of researching, writing, search engine optimizing, and getting it to the media in press-ready format, Liz does all the heavy lifting for you.

At ernstPR, we are committed to helping our clients succeed. After all, your success is our success. Liz is the press release writer that clients return to again and again due to her years of experience as a journalist, feature article writer, blogger and content strategist. Her career as a journalist has honed her ability to write skillfully on virtually any topic and industry—tackling new writing projects on a wide range of topics every day has been a way of life for Liz for more than two decades.    Press Release Writing Services

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