March 8, 2017

Press Release Writing Services


Press Release Writing Services

The most successful people and organizations understand the impact that a press release can have in their industries. Bill Gates and Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Tim Cook and Apple—these guys distribute sometimes hundreds of press releases in a week as part of their long-term strategy to maintain press attention and reinforce brand awareness among their target markets.

AP Style
While most organizations don’t generally issue press releases so frequently and in such high volume, most business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and professionals find occasion to distribute press releases on occasion for a variety of reasons—to announce a new product or service, a new office, seminars, new hires, awards or other newsworthy events. A press release written in professional   by a skilled writer with a background in journalism is an important tool for raising the attention of both the media and the community.  Press Release Writing Services

Start-ups and entrepreneurs know that press releases are critical for raising awareness of their products and services. Authors and entertainers utilize press releases to announce book launches, tour dates, gallery openings and other events. Physicians, scholars, and researchers use press releases to share information about new procedures, breakthroughs and achievements in their fields. Nonprofits and charitable organizations also rely heavily on press releases to raise awareness and gather support for their fundraising efforts.  Press Release Writing Services

Choosing a qualified press release writer
When the time comes for your organization to issue a press release, you want to make sure the writer you hire is not just a skilled wordsmith; you will want to make sure they have a background in journalism—this is essential to your release being picked up published by legitimate news organizations.  Press Release Writing Services

Press releases need to be written in journalistic AP Style, which has strict rules—from capitalization and punctuation to the way sentences and paragraphs are structured. Marketing and copywriters with no journalism background almost never have a grip on AP Style and should not be enlisted to write your press release.  Press Release Writing Services

Liz Ernst of ernstPR is an award-winning journalist, freelance copywriter and blogger, and content marketing strategist with more than 20 years’ experience writing professional, press-ready press releases that get noticed. From her years of experience as a reporter, Liz has reviewed more than her share of press releases from businesses and professionals worldwide. She knows how to write and search engine optimize a press release expertly for publication.  Press Release Writing Services

Liz offers distribution options on top syndicated wire services to fit a range of budgets. From initial contact, through the process of researching, writing, formatting to AP Style and getting it to the media in press-ready format. Liz’s press releases are published in their entirety with no newsroom edits because she knows what she is doing. Many writers send out sub-standard releases that are unceremoniously tossed to the circular file before editors finish reviewing them.  Press Release Writing Services
At ernstPR, we are committed to helping our clients succeed. After all, your success is our success. Liz is the press release writer that clients return to again and again due to her years of experience as a journalist, feature article writer, blogger and content analyst. Her career as a journalist has honed her ability to write on virtually any topic and industry skillfully—tackling new writing projects on a wide range of topics every day has been a way of life for Liz for more than two decades.

Liz has an inexplicable ability to take even the most complex and technical information and write it in a way that is highly readable and comprehensible to the general public without diluting the integrity of the subject matter.

Have we mentioned her expertise in search engine optimization yet? It’s the icing on the cake that makes sure your information gets discovered by search engine crawlers like Google, and ultimately reaches your intended audiences.

Liz’s accuracy, professionalism and extensive knowledge in the fields of journalism and public relations result in first-class press releases every time. Once she completes the first draft of your press release, usually within 24-48 hours of receiving the initial information, she sends it to you for review. If you request any edits, she makes them and returns a second draft, usually within hours.

If a suggested edit is outside the scope of journalistic style standards or interferes with SEO, Liz will discuss it with you and together you’ll decide on a strategy with which you will be pleased.

Your press release is guaranteed to be unique, deliver the information you wish to have disseminated, concise, and basically a good read, while meeting the strict style standards of the wire services and the media.

Don’t miss the opportunity to issue a press release that presents you and your organization, products, and services in the most professional light. It’s all about credibility, which can be quickly dashed by amateurish mistakes made when the wrong writer is enlisted.  One a press release is out on the wire, any mistakes—whether they’re factual errors, spelling errors, style errors or something else—will reflect poorly on you. And in today’s digital world, press releases remain in circulation forever.

Every business owner and professional needs to send out press releases from time to time. Make the most of the opportunity for brand advancement, lead generation, and visibility by hiring an experienced journalist to get it right. When it’s not perfect, it can be a disaster.

We understand you’re busy running a business. At ernstPR, we make it easy for you to invest a minute or two to request a press release and get back to work; Liz takes over the details from there. For business owners who prefer to play a more active role in the process, Liz is great at working with clients and understands that for those who aren’t familiar with the process, it’s not always easy to simply turn over precious details and hope for the best.

You can do that—Liz will turn in a draft copy that is, if not exactly what you envisioned, very close to it. A few brief edits to perfection and you can relax. Over time you’ll be grateful that you can trust Liz to know exactly what you want and expect when you don’t have time to share the process.

Liz’s backup team of public relations and social media pros allow her to focus on your press release, enabling her to guarantee a quick turn-around and even to take on last-minute work because that’s just the nature of news. Sometimes it simply can’t wait until morning, and Liz thrives in a crunch-time environment.

Don’t waste the opportunity to do your press release right. Time and money spent on an under-qualified or out-of-niche writer are time and money wasted.  Click on the “Get Started” icon below to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation with Liz, and we’ll get you on your way to a great press release.