Brand is the overall perception people form of a business or organization. Branding is the process of shaping that perception.

Entrepreneurs and startups spend much of their time designing and managing the development of products and services, and still, the majority of them fail. Valid reasons include lack of funding, poor team performance, substandard marketing or bad investors. So, when a failed business founder sets about analyzing what went wrong, many fail to notice that branding was neglected. A second-rate brand is a major growth strategy killer.

Focusing on creating a strong and radically distinctive brand voice is a critical element to growing a successful business.

People judge a book by its cover. Your brand is your business’s book cover, the hook that establishes a connection between consumers and your products and services at square one. If your branding is mediocre, you lose your audience before you have a chance to wow them with your great product or service.

A strong brand voice sets you apart from your competitors like a MacIntosh apple in a sea of Granny Smiths. Strong branding demonstrates character and trustworthiness, both of which resonate in a big way with consumers.

To achieve the highest impact, your brand content must be conscientiously and consistently developed and created, Find out how I can help you create a unique brand voice and provide clear directives to help keep your brand copy on target down the road.

Build a brand voice that is interchangeable with your unique selling proposition and communicates the value you offer beyond what your competitors offer—a brand voice that people remember and consumers come to know and trust.

The strongest brands convey character in all respects. Every communication and interaction echoes a spirit of brand quality that appeals to prospective customers in a way that earns their trust and their business.

Profits increase not only from new prospects but from return customers who become long-term, loyal customers. Earning customer loyalty should be a priority goal in your branding strategy—you want to establish a brand voice.

Trust is important to today’s consumer. They want to identify with a company’s values if they’re going to do business with it. A brand can stand for values your target audience feels strongly about, and it becomes a name with which they want to be associated.

A strong brand conveys superior quality and consumers are willing to pay more for it. Your brand may not be strong enough to compete on price, and a company without a strong brand identity is just a commodity, indistinguishable from its competitors except by its prices. Brands are visible, commodities are invisible.

I can also help you define your USP and your unique brand voice, and identify brand positioning, brand culture, and brand personality.

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