When marketers make the case for investing in content development, the conversation frequently turns to ROI. Researchers often joke that if something cannot be measured then it does not exist. Corporate executives also tend to fall into the “measurement mindset.” Identifying the return on investment is important, and companies should consider both the measurable and the unmeasurable returns. Let’s consider the latter. content development ROI

Content optimizes recruiting efforts

Content marketing helps companies demonstrate leadership in their industries. The companies providing the best content are often the very same companies recruiting the best talent. Job seekers go to the Web to research a company before ever sending a resume. Great content attracts great talent. content development ROI

Content strengthens cultural buy-in

Thought leadership is often considered client-facing content, and while this is certainly accurate, thought leadership content is equally valuable for internal audiences. All people want to believe that their contribution to the workplace matters. When we are professionally aligned with a leadership team who is providing content that contributes to an industry as a whole, that association elevates every individual within the corporation. Thoughtful and influential content deepens the cultural buy-in of employees and gives them the ability to experience how their own contributions make a difference. content development ROI

Content creates opportunities for shared connection

Effective thought leadership content is highly shareable content. Thought leadership content gives external audiences and the internal audience social conversation fodder and helps to elevate the customer experience. While there is no way to measure the value of a single loyal customer, there is also no better return on an investment than to create and nurture one. content development ROI
Content fosters trust

Brand awareness content is a valuable vehicle for forging new relationships and fostering trust. The most effective approach to elevating the customer experience is to provide a clear, compelling message that fosters trust and positions the company as a leader in the industry.

Measuring the ROI of content marketing is important, and equally important is acknowledging that just because the value of something cannot be measured in no way means that it does not exist. content development ROI

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