If your content isn’t generating leads, increasing your Google ranking, and selling your products, it’s probably getting buried in the internet “content noise”—the throng of competing content using similar (if not the same) keywords and search phrases instead of providing new, unique, and sought-after information, thus preventing your content from standing out.

There is little worse a company can do to reduce its influence than to publish content that sounds the same as everyone else’s.

Rise above your competitors’ “content noise”


Effective content marketing engages target buyers and, by delivering the content effectively, moves target customers to conversion.

If you’re submitting content regularly and it fails to perform, it’s time to take a hard look at what you’re writing and publishing. Does it respond to the latest market research data, as well as keyword and search term analytics that tell you what your audiences are currently searching for? Or is it contributing to the noise—boilerplate or “filler” copy that doesn’t match relevant search terms and keywords that audiences are using in their searches right now. If the content is weak,poorly written, or simply mimics the same general content already available to online audiences, it’s not going to achieve your content marketing goals.

While submitting a consistent volume of content is important for achieving your content marketing goals, the key is not to jump in and start producing more content.The key is to produce better content efficiently. Sub-par content that is neither timely nor relevant simply gets lost in the noise. It becomes indistinguishable from the overwhelming onslaught of content that causes buyers to cover their ears and ignore the message.

To accomplish its intended purpose, your content must respond to the most current audience needs. Your content should focus on trending information using search terms and keywords that your target customers are currently using.

If you hired a content writer who is not getting the results you need, he or she is probably less qualified than they led you to believe. Stop throwing  good money after bad. Time to regroup and start interviewing candidates with proven expertise and success in previous content marketing campaigns.

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