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Professional  editing, copyediting, and proofreading services

Good first impressions are good for business


Professional editing, copyediting, and proofreading services

Expert copy editing and proofreading services focused on content for businesses, professionals, authors, job seekers, and others who need to know their content is error-free, the sentence and paragraph structure is correct, their copy flows, style guidelines are met, and regulatory rules applied.

I offer affordable proofreading and copy-editing service for website content, blogs, social media posts, marketing brochures, proposals, manuals, contracts, CVs and resumes, and more.

With so many businesses rushing to feed content to web browsers, many mistakes slip by and content errors harm your credibility and your SEO.

Whether you’re creating website content or a company blog, you want people and search engines to trust that the information on your website or in your blog is intelligent, accurate, and current. I fact-check all content, fix mistakes, and take it a step further to polish your copy and make sure it’s concise, consistent, and flows without diluting your message.

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My approach to copy editing and proofreading

I copy edit and proofread with the client’s voice in mind. I am careful to retain your insight, tone, individuality, and message while polishing your copy to a professional level. In fact, great copy editing is meant to make your message even stronger.

Think of proofreading and copy editing as quality control for content.

I love copy editing and proofreading, and you should too. Not in a way that you should want to do it, necessarily, but in the results. It’s a part of the creative process that ensures the final product is professional and ready for publication.

I get an enormous amount of satisfaction knowing I’ve contributed to the benefits my clients reap when their copy fulfills the purpose it is meant to achieve, be it driving sales or informing readers. Ultimately, it reflects very well on them and their business.

Good copy editing and proofreading can be the game-changer that lands a job-seeker a coveted position, thanks in large part to the quality of their CV or resume. It can be the advantage that makes your blog go viral—people read it, enjoy it, learn something from it, and share it with others on social media. Good copywriting can enhance the power of your website to a level of excellence that captivates target customers and vexes your competitors.

What’s not to love?


My Experience

I have more than 20 years’ experience as a professional copywriter, journalist, content management strategist, copy editor. and proofreader. I have been fortunate to work with a variety of clients including authors, business owners, medical, financial, and legal  professionals,

I am seasoned, I am intuitive, and I am skilled at identifying and correcting common and not-so-common errors. I research, fact-check, and make suggestions to add clarity to the copy. My job is to ensure that the document is readable, relevant, and has a unified voice that can reach the client’s intended audience.




Overview of services:

Writing, proofreading, editing, search engine optimizing, and testing              website content
Proofreading, editing, and search engine optimizing blog content
Proofreading, editing, and search engine optimizing all types  of online          content
Proofreading CVs and resumes for online submission
Editing online legal and business documents
Proofreading, editing, and search engine optimizing medical websites and    online documents
Proofreading, editing, revising, and search engine optimizing business and    professional website content and online documents
Proofreading, revising, and search engine optimizing press releases to AP    Style standard
Proofreading, editing, and revising/rewriting business manuals and other        business documents
• Proofreading and editing white papers
• Proofreading and editing author manuscripts

My copy editing procedures are structured to ensure that your content is accurate, intelligent, flows well, and gives your readers a favorable impression. I make sure that if you’re in a field with tight regulatory or legal regulations that your copy abides by the rules, including disclaimers where necessary. Even if you’re not in such a field, I make sure that your copy is free of any language that might pose a legal risk. If any material is unclear or confusing, I will ask for clarification.





Proofreading Services

The copy editing process includes proofreading, which involves the most important elements of copy editing and writing:

  1. Understanding your subject topic’s industry, corporate culture, and terminology
  2. Examining the document

Proofreading’s areas of focus:

• Grammar
• Punctuation
• Spelling
• Typographical errors (typos)
• Verb agreement
• Apostrophes
• Capitalization
• Comma uses and splices
•  Grammatical mistakes
• Run-on sentences
• Punctuation and quotation marks
• Subject-verb disagreement
• Tenses
• Structure and theme
• Organization
• Audience appropriateness
• Understanding your topic’s terminology
• All the general strategies of the proofreading process






Turnaround time

Proofreading and editing services are focus-driven, and best performed over a reasonable spread of time. Unfortunately, there’s often a time crunch involved. The less time a proofreader has to review, edit, and correct a document, the greater the chance that something will be missed. This is a conundrum all proofreaders everywhere deal with. I utilize a checklist and my own method of proofreading, editing, then proofreading again and editing, repeatedly until I’m satisfied with the draft. Still, when a document is rushed, I encourage my clients to read it through carefully–a second set of eyes is the best solution for achieving perfection.

Depending on the size of the project,  my turnaround time is generally 48 hours to one week.

On rush projects, I usually begin work on within 1-3 hours of receiving the assignment, For very rushed projects, I may need to add a 10 percent surcharge, depending on the complexity, difficulty or time constraints of the project. If the occasion arises, I will discuss options with you thoroughly and together we will come to an agreement with which we can both be happy. I require a 50 percent deposit on proofreading and copy editing assignments for work to begin, and 50 percent upon completion.

On most projects, I usually begin work the same day the deposit is received in my PayPal account. We’ll set a timeframe, milestones, and deadlines up front.





Publication readiness

Rewriting all or part of a client’s document is not unusual, but I don’t jump right in and start changing your copy. I begin by developing an understanding of the purpose and goal of your content. From there, I will clarify any terms or information that may seem vague or ambiguous, and make suggestions as ideas or considerations come to mind. I will rework/revise your material to better produce the desired effect.

I consider the best proofreaders and editors to be accomplished writers with a keen eye for style and detail. My academic and professional, experience-based background has honed my attention to detail, and my ability to know what the author is trying to communicate. I  help you communicate it better. I proofread, revise, and edit the final draft until it is precisely what it should be —ready for publication!

My copy editing services include:

•  Correcting spelling, punctuation, verb agreement, and grammatical errors
•  Modifying.any.terminology,.jargon,.and semantics when applicable
•  Adjusting incorrect or confusing sentence and paragraph structure
•  Eliminating redundant words
•  Replacing repetitive words with appropriate synonyms
•  Fact-checking
•  Figure-checking
•  Search engine optimization
•  Refining weak words, phrases, and.sentences to maximize the impact of your copy or make it more relevant to your topic
•  Ensuring the text follows the publisher’s preferred style guide, whether it’s a personal set of rules or one of the more commonly used style guides such as AP or CMOS
•  Adding-headers-and-subheaders-to-help.key topics stand out and to improve SEO

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Building relationships with my clients is important to me. While working as a freelance copy editor as well as working with editors as a  writer I understand .the .value of mutual .trust. It’s.all.about.communication and working toward the.same.goal—getting.your.copy to its intended audience in top form.

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You’re the boss

In some cases, clients should expect to see noticeable changes in their content. Be prepared to thoroughly read through your edited copy after I return it to you; I’m happy to address any concerns or questions you may have with the edited copy. Of course, no editing project is complete until the client approves and signs off on a final draft copy. I will work closely with you to achieve your intended goal.

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