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Category: Copywrtiting; Target Aufiences: Millennials, career-seekers

The Bespoke Suit

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Your style expresses your personal brand before you say a word. Never under-estimate the value of first impressions.



You need copy that sells

Persuasive copywriting is the fuel that drives online business. Think of it as the current that charges consumer action by flipping on a light switch You may have a great product/market fit and your supply in place.. Let’s say you even have a fully automated sales funnel built out. But even with all the right product-market-supply stars aligned, unless you’ve put at least as much (if not more) emphasis on lining up the right professional copywriter to develop, craft, optimize and disseminate your copy, all your efforts will  be wssted.

It’s the persuasive copy, expertly developed and crafted by a seasoned professional with the creative and techniocal know-how to produce unique, relevant copy developed according to current keyword and research data, research dand analytics that tells us  us they;’re searching for. And, of course, the cop isy that responds tutilized trending keywords and search terms what data abd analytics reports tell us   tha res[pm  what resrach tell us audiences are  writer with  that engages audiences and raises their awareness to your  brand to begin with. But without expertly  your business’s solutions to their needs. written and developed copy, you’ll be disappointed by the results of your efforts. You need high-quality, persuasive copywriting to fuel your online business. Your copy needs to compel target customers sufficiently in order to draw them into and through your funnel.

Search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting, when executed by a seasoned professional with a proven track record for achieving measurable results, can help you improve your search engine ranking. Expertise in both writing for target markets and search engine crawlers, as well as SEO tools and strategies, are critical to successful copywriting.

Words are the most effective tool for dispensing a brand online. Both copywriting and content writing offer key benefits beneficial for branding and marketing your business or professional organization. To accomplish this, `your copywriting needs to be incorporated efficiently into content writing.

I develop targeted, persuasive ad copy, blogs, web marketing content, white papers and more. copy that communicates value, connects with target customers, is expertly search engine optimized and ultimately increases your revenue.

I develop targeted, persuasive ad copy, blogs, web marketing content, white papers and more. copy that communicates value, connects with target customers, is expertly search engine optimized and ultimately increases your revenue.

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A professional copywriter can:

• Raise customer awareness

• increase conversions
• Boost online visibility

• Drive traffic to your website
• Reach and engage target audiences
• Reinforce branding

• Increase leads and sales
• Connect with customers in a way they understand
and to which they can relate

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

The real distinction between content writing and copywriting lies in the copy’s purpose. While both types of writing require professional expertise to achieve a company’s marketing goals. copywriting refers to copy written for the purpose of promotional advertising or marketing. Content writing is written to engage, entertain, and entice online audiences to visit your website and stay longer to browse and engage with the brand.

Copywriting is content writing’s secret ingredient.

Effective copywriting creates compelling and high-valued content purely intended to pitch your brand. The ultimate objective of copywriting is to sell an idea, unlike content writing where the intention is not to sell but rather to inform and educate audiences, and in doing so, generate brand interest.

In the past, copywriting was an element of advertising. Today, however, copywriting is used in developing web content that engages audiences and sells effectively. SEO copywriting involves the use of specific search terms and keywords to optimize the copy’s online visibility and yield a better performance on search engines.

Copywriting has the power to engage target audiences. Good copy has various qualities; you provide an experience to your audience through your content and copywriting should heighten that experience.

When combined, copywriting and content writing is a match made in marketing heaven.

Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) is not a tagline or slogan. It’s a concise statement that answers, “Why should I buy from you?

• Helps differentiate you from your competitors
• Draws your prospective customers toward the desired action (click on your PPC, sign up for newsletters, visit your website, etc)

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Creating a unique selling proposition

The first objective of copywriting is to create a core message that clearly expresses your company’s value. Crafting unique selling propositions and selling points is key to delivering copy that stands out among your competitors.

Most likely, many of your prospective customers have trouble choosing between options in your market or industry. Persuasive copy is customer-centric and offers shoppers information on why yours is the option that is most deserving of their time and money. .

That’s why your copy needs to assist them by making your unique selling proposition obvious, different from your competitors’ and memorable enough for them to see exactly what your business has to offer that the others do not.

Some common copywriting services include content writing and development for::

• Product descriptions
• Slogans
• Taglines
• Websites
• Landing pages
• Brochures
• Sales letters
• Advertisements
• Product packaging
• Blog posts
• Flyers
• Newsletters
• Whitepapers

Visit my online portfolio to view hundreds of examples of my copywriting and content creations, from website content to business blogs, to press releases, articles, whitepapers, and more!

High-performing SEO content and copywriting is a valuable commodity for businesses.

By helping you create and develop unique, relevant, targeted copy and disperse it on the web fully optimized to reach and engage your target audiences, I can  can help you grow your online business. I have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to boost your Google ranking and help you generate leads that convert.

Copywriting and content creation are time-consuming, labor-intensive responsibilities if it’s done right.. As a business owner or professional, you simply can’t be expected to tackle your company’s crucial copywriting and content demands while you’re running a business. You don’t have to go it alone. My professional SEO copywriting services can help streamline your company’s growth and create an environment in which you, your customers, and your copy all work together seamlessly.

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