January 6, 2018

Creative Director Bio

Co-founder and Creative Director
Studio 9

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Dan is an award-winning copywriter and “idea machine” who keeps his staff at New York-based Studio 9, as well as other companies that hire him as a consultant, stay motivated and operating at peak performance.

He is a  creative leader and problem solver who loves to write. Obsessively driven and exceedingly skilled, Dan’s approach to his creative directorship is guided by a belief that he can do it all, and do it well. And he’s proven that he can.

In addition to serving as creative director at Studio 9, he acts as art director at Accenture, and he’s a designer, freelance copywriter, consultant to creative departments in small, medium, and large agencies nationwide. Dan is also a manager, leader, mentor, and weekend cyclist.

Dan is full of energy and passion, but never full of himself.

Prior to Studio 9, he was creative director at ABN in L.A.  As part of a newly installed management team he helped develop new processes, rebuild and recreate the company’s creative department, and rebranded the agency.

Dan’s seemingly limitless energy and dedication to his work have earned him numerous advertising and design awards.

His love of ideas and their execution gives Dan the strategic insight, client management skills, and creative stewardship necessary to ensure every next project is a success.

A native of New York City, Dan was a restless child with ideas to spare. After high school he hit the ground running, receiving a B.F.A. in Design and Fine Arts from Columbia University, and continued to New York University where he received an M.F.A. from New York University.

His evolution into his role as creative director extraordinaire seemed a foregone conclusion. CDs are responsible for the creative vision of an agency; the look, feel, and tone of a brand, as well as for leading and keeping their creative teams inspired to maintain peak performance.They need to have a strong point of view and vision and they must be able to articulate that vision to not only their clients but to their teams as well.

With the tidal wave of new media channels and significantly more involved consumers, today’s creative directors must wear more hats than ever before to keep their clients and teams happy.

Dan sees the role of the creative director as essentially the same as it has been for years, tasked with delivering effective ideas. The difference today is that the journey to the “big idea” has changed. More stakeholders are involved, there are more regulatory restrictions to navigate, and more channels to explore.

The evolution of digital technology has transformed the role of creative director in a short amount of time.

According to Dan, the role of creative director is transforming with the evolution of mobile technology. All the ways that consumers interact with ads and marketing content are completely altering the way industry leaders approach the job of creative director.

“The future of the creative director is at a crossroads of marketing, technology, product design, and sales,” he says. Tomorrow’s directors—and, frankly, today’s as well—must be literate in of all these skill-sets.”