I create optimized content for businesses and professionals in a wide range of industries and market niches. I combine seasoned writing skills, creativity, and technology to help businesses like yours reach target audiences, increase search engine ranking, drive traffic, and boost sales.

High-visibility content is critical to reaching your target audiences. I focus on delivering content that rises above the content noise inundating the internet, especially in competitive markets. I’m passionate about helping clients discover the impact that high-quality content has on effectively marketing a business. Let me show you how I can helo you to achieve your business’s short- and long-term growth goals.


After earning a degree in journalism, I began my career as a news writer/journalist’ for Scripps Howard and other news agencies.  I gravitated to public relations and marketing in the late 1990s just as digital technology began transforming the way businesses market their products and services to target audiences, and content became king.

I adopted search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at their inception and have revised these skills over the years as the technology and guidelines evolved. Since 1998, I’ve worked as a multi-disciplinary freelance journalist, content writer and developer, copywriter, business blogger and SEO content marketing strategist for a wide range of businesses, professionals, and publications.

As an experienced brand marketer for U.S, and global organizations, my competitive approach to content marketing, branding, and content management delivers measurable results. My journalism background provides an essential advantage for developing professional, AP Style press releases that get published. It’ also instilled proficient research skills and enhances the quality of the content I write for client websites, blogs, white papers, and other projects.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is keeping up with the ever-changing strategies for effective marketing. Some are valid and innovative while others, not so much. Some are lasting, others are fleeting.

I stay on top of industry trends and technology in order to consistently deliver polished, professional web content–website copy, blogs, press releases, social media posts, professional bios, and white papers–that raise your online visibility, enhance your professional image, establish you as a market or industry leader, drive traffic to your website, and help grow your business.