27 Tips to help Small Business Owners Develop a Marketing Mindset in 2018

There’s no time like the New Year for evaluating your business’s marketing strategies over the past year. What definitive steps did you take in 2017 to raise brand awareness, engage target audiences, and boost your Google ranking? How did your website traffic and income revenues fare? If they fell short of expectations, it’s time to commit to a New Year’s resolution that, first and foremost, focuses on developing a marketing-mindset.

Marketing Mindset

The word “resolution” implies a determination to do something different to bring about positive change. Many business owners fail to market their products and services effectively, and more to the point, they fail to do enough marketing in a diverse range of media. An unwillingness to shed outdated marketing methods in favor of today’s proven digital strategies has crushed their ability to compete. While rival businesses are embracing the marketing mindset and experiencing growth, the resistant have ignored all the warning signs and neglected their company’s real marketing needs. They fail to recognize any telltale signs that their promotional efforts are no longer achieving the desired results, despite the fact that they continue to lose sales while growth stagnates.

Marketing mindset

Product development

Sure, you may have run a lucrative business for decades, but in the here and now the only option for avoiding business failure is to forget everything you’ve done to promote your brand in the past and adopt the marketing mindset of your competitors. They’re blazing new trails with their customer-centric perspectives that succeed among business owners who understand that, regardless of what products they sell, what services they provide, and what industry niche they’re in, they must first and foremost see themselves as a marketer. It’s the mindset of the most successful entrepreneurs, and you can be get back to growing your business by simply practicing some new, productive habits that they practice.

According to business coach and author Brian Tracy, “Successful people simply practice successful habits.”

content marketing

Content marketing

They understand what behaviors can drive their success and they repeat those behaviors until they become habits. By learning the right marketing behaviors and practicing them over time, you will succeed at developing a marketing mindset. Marketing is fundamental to every business’s growth; as a business owner, the more effective your marketing strategies become, the more your business will grow.

Content marketing is key to that growth, and today that means content. Informative, engaging, and consistently updated content on your website; a robust blog with fresh and intelligent news and commentary on current trends in your industry or market, and an active, targeted social media presence.

Here are just a few stats on content marketing that marketing-minded business owners already know:
• Businesses that blog receive 97% more links to their website. (source)
• On average, businesses with a well-fed, well-maintained blog draw 55% more website visitors. (source)

Marketing mindset

Part of the successful content marketing mindset implies that business owners should be thinking about marketing all the time, every day. Not just weekly, monthly or quarterly, but every single day. Incorporating marketing concepts and ideas into your daily activities is actually not hard to do. It’s often said that doing anything for 21 days in a row will become a habit for most of us. As a small business owner, startup, or professional, a marketing habit is a valuable habit to have.

If becoming marketing-minded is new to you, allow me to I suggest you choose three to five marketing-related tasks to perform every day. Do them at the beginning of your day,  before the demands of running a business distract you. Outsource your content, blog writing, and social media activities to a professional writer for optimum search engine and target audience response. Your content must be polished, professional, engage your target market’s interests (and comply with Google’s search engine ranking factors) to maximize your marketing efforts and ROI.

Here are just a few ways to incorporate marketing into your daily routine:

1. Visit a competitor’s website and familiarize yourself with their content and layout strategies
2. Make a list of press release ideas
3. Make a list of blog article ideas

4. Enter customer or prospect names, email addresses, and website URLs into your database
5. Concoct ideas for taglines.  
6. Read up on current events, discoveries, products and services in your market or industry

7. Contact your local or regional newspaper and trade publications and find out the name of the feature editor in your area of expertise
8. Build a list of contacts from media sites and publications that serve your market
9. Develop a set of survey questions

10. Consider re-naming/re-branding one of your products
11. Keep working on new product development ideas
12. Keep yourself well-informed of current digital marketing trends, environments, and innovations

13. Work on new product or service development ideas
14. Invite a customer or prospect to your office for coffee or to discuss new ideas
15. Recognize your most coveted prospects or customers

16. Become acquainted with fusion marketing and put it to work
17. Post new information on your website regularly
18. Schedule networking opportunities every week, and make sure to follow-up with networking contacts

19. Mail samples of your product to niche journalists and your best target prospects
20. Think up ideas for an “enter to win” contest
21. Consider developing a coupon for a product or service

22. Revise your company’s on-hold phone message. Make sure it’s not repetitive, isn’t riddled with hard-sell messages or just plain annoying
23. Plan a new customer service activity that engages and charms your clientele
24. Write a value proposition for your website and make sure to have a professional content writer polish and refine it

25. Generate a list of benefits your products or services offer, and compare it to your competitions’
26. Develop a checklist or top-ten list of seductive marketing hook ideas
27. Create a charming, (short and sweet) “thank you” message to send to prospects or customers via email or snail mail

Fusion marketing

If at first you’re feeling uncertain about which three to five marketing activities to incorporate into your daily routine, try simply breaking them down into general categories, such as product development, marketing materials, networking, developing media contacts, establishing your customer and prospect database, and so forth. Then try devising  activities for just one option at a time.  There’s no hard and fast rule for performing three to five activities each day, and in fact there will be days when you can only squeeze in one or two.The point is to perform a task related to marketing every day to develop a marketing-minded habit.

Some of the activities will take a longer than others, which will affect how many you accomplish each day. The goal is to perform three to five tasks related to marketing every day; some days, you may only get one or two in. Other days, you may sail through your tasks and accomplish five or even seven of them. Try not to stress over quotas just remind yourself that the intention of these activities is to help you develop and sustain a marketing habit that keeps you moving closer to accomplishing your marketing goals and achieving business growth. It’s important to remain open and receptive throughout the process. No matter how well you plan ahead and schedule each day’s activities, you might discover times when your progress, responses, and outcomes will guide the direction of your tasks, or even steer you down a completely different route than you may have planned. These unexpected detours are a good thing in the long run. Let each activity guide your actions.

Generally, this is a very positive thing, and you should let the activity guide you to build your marketing-minded habit.

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