May 8, 2017

Make them say your name

Growing a business means marketing your brand effectively. You need to build an online presence that stands out. The road to outstanding online visibility combines high quality content and SEO to raise consumer awareness to your brand’s products and services. I’m talking relevant website and blog content, super-charged with essential search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Content is king. SEO drives King Content to specific and defined audiences through search engines.

You want to make them say your name.

Today’s high-tech digital environment has rewritten the PR/marketing playbook in ways that are still unrecognizable to many business owners.

So, when businesses are nervous about lagging sales and diminishing leads, the first thing I look at is their content.

True fact: A business’s website content is its number one most important marketing tool for lead generation and brand awareness. It’s the center of any organization’s “do-or-die” universe.

My job is to craft high-caliber content and apply best practice optimization strategies that help your brands stand out in a sea of competitors, and capture the attention of target audiences. It’s a challenge that requires expert content writing skills, market research know-how, search engine optimization expertise, a ton of time, and no other work responsibilities. Those who think they can do this themselves or in-house to save a buck will be the first to shutter their doors. Unless there is a professional writer with SEO expertise on staff, this job demands outsourcing.

Outsourcing your content is the most cost-effective way to compete in today’s very crowded, very competitive business market. The ROI is to die for.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to help business owners who haven’t already done so embrace the SEO/content-rich/customer-centric marketing platform that will ultimately decide which companies will grow and thrive, and which become another statistic in the chronicles of failed businesses.

I want all my clients to land in the first category. Their success is my success

Traditional marketing methods are history, a casualty of the digital revolution. Time to bury them and move forward.