May 6, 2017

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outsource writing services

Outsource writing services

Running a business, whether online or a brick and mortar, requires an enormous amount of writing. There’s your website content, your blog content. social media posts, sales & marketing copy, professional bios, and press releases.  outsource writing services

That’s not all. There’s keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO)editing, publishing, and distribution. The list goes on. Who has the time and the expertise to going to do it all, and run a business?   outsource writing services

Time to hire a professional writer.    outsource writing services

Freelance writing services—why do businesses need them?

Because writing is hard.     outsource writing services

High-quality content writing is key to driving traffic to your website, increasing lead generation, advancing brand visibility, and gaining loyal customers. Hiring an experienced freelance writer to develop and craft professional AP Style press releases, effective website content, engaging blogs, and marketing copy will distinguish your organization from your competitors. In today’s digital world, you can’t underestimate the importance of getting your content right.     outsource writing services

Creating high-quality copy is extremely difficult. Most blog posts take four to five hours or more to research, develop, write, edit, search engine optimize, and publish. The time it takes to keep a blog continuously populated with new content can be overwhelming to anyone with a business to run, but in order to drive traffic and leads, content must be added continuously. Delegating these responsibilities to administrative staff is risky. Unless they’re experienced copywriters with serious SEO, marketing, and market research experience, your content will suffer.     outsource writing services

Progressive business owners and professionals understand the competitive edge outsourcing their content writing tasks provides when it comes to managing all the functions that are essential to doing business in today’s bustling enterprise market. More often than not, it simply doesn’t make sense for business owners to try to manage the company’s content writing demands personally or in-house. Small businesses and professionals that take advantage of outsourcing are able to compete directly with the biggest players in their industries or fields.     outsource writing services

There’s also the content marketing process to consider. Keyword research, strategizing, SEO, posting, and distributing your copy takes time, expert strategies, industriousness, and hard work. It’s all about creating high-quality, relevant content on a continuous basis. The very nature of online writing and marketing is relentless in its demand for content production.     outsource writing services

Why outsourcing a writer is good for business

Only excellent copy is going to draw readers to your website, blog, and social media pages. Potential customers routinely perform online searches for useful information, products, and services before they go shopping. Your content must stand out above your competitors’ if you’re going to attract and engage readers long enough to demonstrate the merits of your products or services—this is how loyal customers are cultivated. They’re looking for a product or service you offer, you capture their attention with content targeted to them, and they feel confident that your business understands their needs.     outsource writing services

Your brand needs to be polished, search engine optimized, and continuously replenished in order for search engine crawlers to find it and post it online, where consumers can find you readily. In terms of ROI, engaging an experienced and talented writer is a no-brainer. The better the content, the higher your visibility soars, and the more customers you gain.

Consistently producing valuable content that engages readers while providing them with useful information they’ll appreciate takes a lot of time and effort, which is why more and more businesses have turned to outsourcing.

How to hire a writer

Finding a freelance writer that is a good fit for you and your company might seem daunting, but finding one who ticks all the boxes makes the effort wothwhile. Be aware:

  • There are a lot of awful writers out there
  • Many writers are unfamiliar or inexperienced with content marketing and SEO
  • Many writers won’t offer the tone or style you’re looking for
  • Some writers are poor communicators or good at missing deadlines—or both!

Dive into recruitment knowing what to look for and what to expect. The process is much easier when you enter into it prepared.

Review portfolios and websites, ask for client recommendations, and make it a point to hire them on a test basis in case you’re not happy with the writing they produce for you. You’ll still have to pay them for the “test” copy, but you won’t waste any more money on subpar work.

The process of finding a great writer takes time, but it’s worth the effort when you find the best writer for your business.

I launched ernstPR in 1998 after working for years as a newspaper reporter, and then as a PR writer and consultant. I have more experience writing compelling copy in dozens of genres and niches than most of my competitors. My expertise also includes dynamic SEO, content development, research, and analytics tracking. I also bring AP Style writing (critical for press releases) to the table as well, a journalistic skill most copywriters don’t have.

Finding a writer who is capable of turning out phenomenal content regularly should be your top priority. Don’t settle for good writing—the stakes are too high, so you need phenomenal writing that will attract readers’ attention and draw customers to your company.

A high-quality writer isn’t cheap, but hiring a mediocre writer who charges less than others is actually money wasted. Inexperience, poor grammatical and spelling skills, undeveloped instincts for markets trends, and an inability to follow instructions is not only going to cost you in wasted fees, it will hurt your business. Potential customers are easily turned off by irrelevant, poorly written copy, and they won’t return to your site. You only have one opportunity to make a great first impression, so it has to be right.

Content marketing requires more than just excellent writing skills. It requires research, editing, formatting, SEO, publishing, and distribution skills, a strong understanding of business practices, proven target marketing analysis, and great instincts. If your writer isn’t experienced and proficient in all of this, you will inevitably end up find yourself adding more freelancers to the payroll just to make sure all your needs are met.

Outsourcing a freelancer instead of trying to handle these important tasks in-house can be a huge cost savings in the long run, plus your ROI will make the fees seem like a bargain.

Which is exactly why you should outsource a writer.

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