64 percent of B2B marketers outsource their demanding copy needs. Should you?

outsourcing copywriting

Outsourcing copywriting: weighing the benefits of outsourcing content writing or doing it DIY

Have you been mulling over the possibility of outsourcing your critical content to a professional copy writer? It’s an important consideration for any business owner, and the best way to make the best decision is to fully understand how much you can do DIY, and whether or not you have the time and dedication to do it successfully.

When you consider the monumental amount of work and skill involved in developing and maintaining high-quality, search engine optimized copy, it’s no wonder that many businesses fall short of attaining and maintaining a steady flow of traffic-boosting, lead-generating content. If cost is a concern, you might be surprised at how seriously cost-effective outsourcing can be, especially when you consider the ROI that a steady flow of expertly written and optimized content delivers.

Seasoned, professional copy writers have proven to be integral to successful content marketing strategies, provided you enlist the right copy writer. According to the Content Marketing Institute, one of the biggest differences between content marketers who are top performers and those who aren’t is level of commitment:.

• Ninety-one percent of top performers are extremely or very committed to content marketing, compared to 63 percent of the overall sample and 35 percent of the bottom performers (those who characterize their overall content marketing approach as minimally or not at all successful).

Copy writers must be fully committed and expect positive results for their clients in order to be successful.

When considering whether to outsource vs. trying to manage your content demands DIY. consider the magnitude of demands involved in content creation and management—professional writing skills, strategy development skills, search engine optimization expertise, market research experience, and the proven ability to deliver consistently. it is no wonder that more and more businesses are outsourcing their copywriting responsibilities to professionals. In fact, according toTopRankBlog,64 percent of B2B marketers outsource their demanding copy needs.

How do you decide whether outsourcing your copywriting is going to genuinely help you meet your content marketing goals, or whether to save the money and tackle it in house? I realize you may be reading this with skepticism. After all, I offer professional copywriting services for businesses and professionals. What help can you possibly expect to glean from my potentially biased advice?

This blog is intended to present some facts, along with some industry statistics, so you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not to outsource your copywriting tasks—a decision that will depend on your needs and your marketing goals.

Time is a huge factor

Even the best writers often find that other responsibilities hijack their calendars. This is a major reason that so many businesses’ blogs go stale or stagnant, which is truly detrimental to a business.

Audiences mistrust businesses with a neglected blog; they wonder if the company is still in business when there’s no fresh content on the site.

Be honest in determining if you have the time to fulfill your company’s content demands. Blogging consistently is critical, and each blog must be unique, engaging, informative, and search engine optimized.

Be realistic about your ability to meet the requirements and expectations of consistently generating fresh content without neglecting it when other tasks come up.

Know your strengths and limitations

We all possess unique gifts, talents, and skills. Writing, specifically copy writing, as well as market research, steady topic idea development, and search engine optimization know-how, may not be yours. There’s no shame in that. Outsourcing may solve a lot of issues.

If any of the obstacles mentioned above raise questions about the possible benefits of outsourcing a professional copy writer, here are some facts and figures that may offer broader insight on the subject.

Changing strategies from one year to the next

When it comes to content marketing, 85 percent of marketers rate their strategy success as somewhat more successful than one year ago. Why? Higher quality and more efficient content curation ranked as the number one reason. Strategy came in a close second at 72 percent. (Check out this infographic).

While you may already recognize how exceptionally valuable content is to successful marketing, the qualities and features that determine content value change each year. Can you think back to what constituted valuable content creation a year ago, two years ago, even five years ago? What does valuable content look like in 2018?

Quantity and Quality

Demand for content production continues to rise. In fact, the goal to post more content in 2018 than we posted in 2017 is expressed by 70 percent of B2B marketers. And with increasing demand for more content production, quality must remain high in order to meet search engine demands, draw traffic, engage readers, and convert them to leads.

What does this mean to you? Effective, compelling copy drives 7.8 times more site traffic and generates brand recall, which establishes higher engagement rates. In order to keep up with your competitors this year, you need to increase your quality content output.

Additionally, the desired length of content grows significantly each year. For instance, blog posts of more than 1,000 words became the norm in 2016 and demonstrated a continuing steady increase in word count over the last year. More words mean more time and focus on the part of the writer. But these long-form blogs generate nine times more leads according to Curata. This fact alone makes the time and cost outlay worth the extra effort.

The Shift to Organic Content

Organic content increases the number of content targets throughout each step of the buyer’s journey, and with an increase in the use of ad blockers by more than 200 million people, creative, organic content solutions have risen to the forefront of content marketing strategies.

In addition, incorporating SEO, link building, keywords, and other techniques into blogs and web content has replaced paid ads. Forty-five percent of marketers consider blogging to be the number one marketing strategy in 2018.

What to consider when weighing the outsourcing option

Think long and hard, and be honest with yourself. Can you handle the workload? Bear in mind, the increased demand for volume, quality,  consistency in posting, increasing word counts, and emerging demand for organic content may tax already full schedules.

How to know if outsourcing to a professional copy writer is for you

According to HubSpot, businesses list the following as today’s top marketing challenges:
• Generating traffic and leads (65 percent)
• Proving return on investment issues (43 percent)

The Content Marketing Institute lists the following as the top marketing challenges:

•  Producing engaging content (63 percent),
•  Measuring content effectiveness (60 percent)
•  Measuring ROI (59 percent)

Outsourcing copy writing services addresses all of these challenges. In fact, 73 percent of companies outsource the management of their content marketing strategy to a professional. In return, these businesses see six times higher conversion rates.

To determine whether outsourcing is the right answer for your business, you must consider whether or not you:
• Can handle the increased output of high-quality, search engine optimized content requiring longer word counts, as well as organic content, and the demand for consistent posting.

• Possess the know-how and can handle the time commitment to develop and maintain a consistent and powerful social media presence.
• Have sufficient time to effectively tackle these efforts, making them a top priority on a daily basis.

Investing time, money, and skill into content reaps rewards. But, if you are short on any of these qualities, outsourcing to a professional copy writer  may offer you a cost- effective alternative.

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