Overall content marketing strategy boosts leads and revenue

An overall content marketing strategy leads to a 2,000% boost in blog traffic and a 40% boost in revenue (source: Marketing Sherpa)

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is a strategy for marketing a brand based on the creation of relevant, informational, and engaging content to attract and retain target customers. Search engine optimization is a critical element to content marketing, as it ensures your content is discovered and made visible in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so potential customers can find it in their search results, read it, and visit your website. The goal is to drive profitable customer action.

verall content marketing strategy

Content marketing has proven to be a powerful strategy for generating leads, increasing sales, and establishing engagement with target customers. If you’ve been holding off on putting a content marketing strategy in place for your business, you may want to get moving on that.

A survey of U.S. marketing and advertising executives by MailOnline revealed that 70 percent of brands and 77 percent of agencies used a content marketing strategy for advertising purposes during the previous year. But It’s not just marketing and advertising executives who have adopted a content marketing campaign and all the benefits that go with it. Small business owners are engaging digital marketing campaigns with much success as well.

According to DemandMetric, B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads each month, unlike businesses that don’t blog. And 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of blog articles instead of advertising.

If content marketing isn’t already a part of your business’s overall marketing strategy, it’s time to reconsider. You might even consider hiring a professional content marketer to help with content creation, distribution, search engine optimization, and promotion.

The demand for high-quality, engaging content has never been greater, but producing quality content requires significant research, time, professional writing skills, and SEO expertise. In fact, it’s become such an enormous challenge for businesses that 44 percent of them still struggle to produce the types of content creation that engages customers and prospective customers. Many small business owners have overcome this obstacle by outsourcing their content writing and management tasks.

Whether your goal is to boost your social media influence, build a loyal blog post audience or accomplish any additional marketing goals, the best ROI in town is outsourcing.

According to Visual News, WordPress users publish more than 347 posts, every single minute. Your content will be lost in the refuse pile if it fails to meet the demands of search engine algorithms as well as the needs of your target market.

Content that is not aligned with buyers’ needs is responsible for the 44 percent failure rate of marketing strategies. That’s why it’s critical for your content writer to fully understand the needs of your target audience. This requirement is potentially game-changing in that it forces content creators not only to produce high-quality, customer-centric content targeted to the business’s specific audience, it also forces them to understand the formats in which the business’s target audience engages with most.

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overall content marketing strategy