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Drive traffic and gain leads that convert with strategic content marketing

Businesses today recognize the value of creating high-quality content and adding fresh content on a continuing basis. But often they find that the content they’re creating is not delivering the desired results. Putting out fresh content isn’t enough. It needs to be the right kind of content, target the right audience, have a solid strategy for success in place, and have the right professional performing the work.

If your content marketing efforts are falling short of meeting your marketing goals, it’s time to stop wasting resources and enlist my services to achieve measurable results.

As a content marketing specialist, I provide content development and distribution services that are proven to:

  • Boost search engine ranking and online visibility
  • Increase website traffic and customer engagement
  • Expert strategy that utilizes market research to identify your target audience
  • Enhance your image as an authority and thought leader in your market or industry

The Challenges of Content Marketing

Content marketing and development may seem easy at first. But research shows that Google receives more than 4 million search queries per minute, and more than 92,000 new articles are posted online Google algorithms evaluate quality to determine which content best answers user queries. Google has significantly put the kibosh on content that is low-quality, low-value, or “spammy” to deliver the most relevant information and create a positive user experience for searchers.

For a company’s content marketing efforts to work, they must:

Content marketing packages

Understand your target audience: establish what information is beneficial and relevant to your target audience. Lear target audience searches for information. Determine how best to provide information your audience needs, and how best to encourage them to continue engaging with your brand,


Solid basic content marketing strategy

Designed for small businesses looking to build a strong content marketing strategy for enhanced onliine cisibility lead generation, to boost traffic, and increase sales


*1 press release

4 SEO blogs

Social media management with 10 updatess

Content marketing strategy
Campaign management


*Press release wire service distribution fees not included. Please request a distribution cost quote.

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For lead generation, conversion, increase sales

Designed to boost online visibility, generate leads that convert, and help increase sales. Expert SEO to help increase your site’s online findability for faster results.


*1 press release
8 SEO blogs
Social media management with 20 updates
Content marketing  strategy
Campaign management


*Press release wire service distribution fees not included. Please request a distribution cost quote.

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For Organization with multiple marketing strategy requirements,

Designed to provide premium content marketing strategies to vigorously maximize lead generation and conversions to meet marketing and sales goals.


*1 press release

12 SEO blogs

Social media management  with 30 updates

Content marketing strategy

Campaign management


*Press release wire service distribution fees not included. Please request a distribution cost quote.

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Be inspired to come up with new content ideas: Successful content marketing calls for a strategic

Know how to create high-quality content: How do we set up a strategic process for creating practical, scalable content.

Understand what makes relevant content: Your content should focus on topics your readers care about most right. Content marketing strategy should be prepared for changing interests in needs among readers over time, It should also be able to balance timely content that is relevant right now and evergreen content that will remain relevant over a long period of time.

Be a go-to resource for content marketing services:  Balancing SEO, content writing, and marketing expertise when hiring a content marketing pro.

Manage content marketing efforts over time: Monitoring the content development process for results, maintaining fresh content over time, and finding ways to continuously improve results.

Create contagious content: Content needs to grab readers’ attention and provide an opportunity to go viral. Creating content that people can’t wait to share is highly valuable.

When content marketing is done right

Content is critical to online marketing and SEO. That doesn’t mean all content is good content. Growing and improving search engine rankings and conversions demand a long-term strategy that prioritizes quality content creation, strategic distribution, and targeted promotion. Combined, these elements provide potential customers with the information they seek, and your business with positive results:

Audience building

Simply throwing content up doesn’t attract audiences. Today’s businesses need a content marketing strategy that engages potential customers by responding to their wishes and needs. Research tactics like user intent analysis, target audience personas, and search query reports are critical tools for audience building.

Generate more high-quality traffic

When it comes to developing a successful content marketing strategy, attracting the right visitors is fundamental. Creating relevant and engaging content and posting it in the appropriate outlets improves organic search engine rankings and attracts readers looking for the products or services you offer, boosting traffic, conversions, and sales.

Increase traffic, boost engagement and conversions

Attracting targeted traffic to your website is just the beginning. Once visitors arrive, your content must keep them engaged. I create relevant, persuasive content that attracts readers. keeps them engaged and leads them down the sales funnel. I deliver content with information that enhances readers’ awareness and interest in your brand. I develop content that helps readers make a decision and take action,

Building your online authority

Among the most important ranking factors in content are authority and brand signals. Google’s primary goal is to increase the relevancy and benefit of search engine results. It has worked to achieve this goal by adjusting its algorithm to reward top-tier content producers with higher rankings. The more often your brand appears or is mentioned in search results and around the web, the more likely searchers will consider you a credible, authoritative business.

Content marketing delivers 24/7 results

Unlike sales teams and staff, content marketing never sleeps. Working 24 hours a day means driving traffic, leads, and quality conversions while answering reader queries round the clock, 365 days a year. With the time and effort to develop valuable content put in, your business keeps selling even when your staff is clocked out.

My personalized approach

My unique approach to providing content marketing and content development services combines the most important elements of content strategy, SEO, and digital marketing standards to help your brand build credibility, increase audience engagement, and grow leads.

Learn more about my affordable content marketing services. Contact me for information on how my approach can help your business increase rankings and engage audiences today, and for the long term.

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