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Any time you come across a well-received eBook, an interesting and engaging blog or article, an impressive press release or an insightful white paper from an industry expert, you can bet your bottom dollar that a professional writer working anonymously made it happen.

Outsourcing a ghostwriter offers businesses and professionals a great opportunity to create high-quality content that helps build their reputation as industry experts. The content I ghostwrite on behalf of a business owner or company representative is expertly researched, written, polished and professional. I’ve written thousands of blogs, articles, press releases, white papers, eBooks, and other types of content for business and professional clients in a wide variety of industries, markets, and professional fields. Clients have complete control of byline attribution and receive ownership of all work produced.

Sometimes I receive credit on a piece, although when I’m contracted for a ghostwriting project, each client chooses what works best for them. When you see an eBook or other online content project stating something like “written by Sam Sneed with Mary Smith,” for example, most likely Mary wrote most of the book but Sam was an integral collaborator.

Ghostwriting provides a valuable solution for someone with innovative ideas, perceptions, and expertise to share who simply don’t have the time, energy or practical skills necessary to successfully communicate them in writing.

Working with an experienced ghostwriter offers multiple benefits. The collaborative process can help you sharpen and better articulate your business practices, strategies, and brand. Running a business is demanding. Busy professionals often forget to take the time to tend to things like writing content, despite knowling the important role content plays in their marketing efforts.

As a business owner, if you find yourself slipping into a pattern of juggling so many responsibilities that writing content is continuously landing at the bottom of your priority list, outsourcing a ghostwriter is a solution you can’t afford to ignore.

The most important marketing tool in any business’s promotional arsenal today is content, and you need a steady stream of it to adequately feed search engine crawlers and drive traffic to your website. If you think that hiring a ghostwriter is too contrived, think again.  Your  collaboration with the writer and your level of engagement will depend on your willingness to delegate, your comfort level with the writer’s capabilities, and the complexity of the project.

Bear in mind that you will be provided with draft copies of all work to review and provide feedback. While yes, the ghostwriter is putting words to pages, the process still requires your intellectual involvement.

Whether it’s an eBook, a white paper or a blog, with each project I ghostwrite I strive to incorporate the client’s unique voice in the writing style. To do this, I schedule an initial phone interview to establish their ideas, thoughts, conceptions, opinions, expectations, inspirations, motivations, convictions, concerns, reflections, and goals.

I examine and scrutinize content previously written by or on behalf of the client including their website, social media contributions, and bios. I look for patterns and build on my client’s talent, creativity, and experience to find their voice. Although I write the constitutive words, we are co-creative. The result is a project that leaves the client feeling like they wrote the content themselves while saving many hours in the actual writing process.

While working with a ghostwriter can save you many of hours of work, some projects like eBooks still require an ample time investment.

If you’re routinely struggling to keep your head above water, it’s probably a good idea to enlist a ghostwriter to catch up on critical writing demands. Start with two blogs per month and two or three social media posts per week to immediately boost your online ranking. From there, work up to adding a white paper or magazine article monthly or quarterly. This approach can help you decide whether the ghostwriter can meet your needs, and help the ghostwriter build an understanding of your business brand and find your voice.

With the right ghostwriter, you will soon be reaping the lead-generating benefits that a consistent stream of fresh content will bring to your website, and you’ll be in a good position to get that eBook started.


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