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Let me do the heavy lifting.

As a professional in the real estate industry you’re goal-oriented, seemingly by nature. You’re in a state of perpetual motion between meeting your clients needs and managing the minutia involved in buying  and selling properties.

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You thoroughly understand the vital role that marketing plays in the ultra-competitive world of real estate. But at the end of the day, maintaining a prominent web presencewithout any professuibal help –in between shopping properties online, prospecting new listings, attending pitch sessions, marketing your clients’ properties, writing up offers and counter-offers, attending inspections (and so on and so on) is not only unrealistic, it;s self sabotage.. You aren’t finding time to create or maintain your own career-boosting content marketing efforts, although you keep telling yourself you will. In

In the meantime, how are your Google ranking and website traffic performing? Isn’t it tume to cut yourself some slack and outsource your critical content to a seasoned pro?

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Truth is, not even a bionic realtor can consistently maintain the level of website content curation and targeted blog writing necessary to achieve yout marketing goals. It time-consuming hard work that pros like myself perform all day, evey day because it’s a full time job..

Realtors who do manage to build and maintain an influential  online profile and enjoy the perks that go with it do so by delegating, They’re outsourcing their critical blog content writing and management responsibilities to professional content writers and marketers with search engine optimization (SEO) expertise, social media savvy,  real estate web content to seasoned professional content writers with SEO expertise, social media savvy, market and keyword research know-how—and the time to do it all well.

Blogging is only effective when it’s done consistently and expertly. Since blogging should be at the core of your online marketing strategy, finding a realistic solution to get it done right should be a priority. Having written for real estate professionals for more than two decades, i know what’s necessary to drive traffic to your website and utilize proven SEO practices to target and engage your audiences, You, in turn, enjoy the conversions, the enhancing branding that accompanies content marketing done right, and the exceptional ROI that a professional content writer and marketer can  generate for you.

In addition to blogs, I write professional AP Style press releases for the real estate industry, as well as website content, professional bios and more.


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