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Credibility is a powerful influencer for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The most successful businesses understand the impact a press release written in professional AP(Associated Press) Style can have on raising public awareness of their products and services.

When the time inevitably arises for your organization to announce a newsworthy event to the public, make sure you trust your press release writing responsibilities to a journalist with a long track record in successful press release development and distribution.


Start-ups and entrepreneurs enlist them to announce new products and service launches. Researchers and medical professionals use them to share new discoveries, treatments, awards, and achievements. Nonprofits utilize press releases to attract support for fundraising opportunities and events.

As a seasoned journalist with more than 20 years’ experience writing and distributing press releases via syndicated wire services, I research, develop, and craft only high-quality press releases that meet all media standards for guaranteed publication. Your release will be published in newspapers as well as on digital media sites and targeted to reach your audience. The press releases I write earn businesses and professionals instant credibility, positioning them as experts in their fields.

Press release writing

Press releases are held to the same journalistic standards as news articles. While they play an important role in marketing, they are not written like marketing content, but rather like a news article. Superlatives and overtly promotional language will get a press release rejected before it has a chance to get past the wire service distribution desk. The rule of thumb among news agencies is, “if you want to run an ad, buy one.”

However, press releases provide benefits that marketing copy doesn’t; they lend credibility to you and your business. People who read your press release are impressed by the newsworthy announcement coming out of your company without the usual marketing-speak injected in most of the content they find online. They’re reading about your business and they’re not being sold anything. It goes a long way toward gaining consumer trust and making a good impression.  Press releases also elicit respect from  consumers in general, industry colleagues, and leaders in the business community.

By sharing your company’s news with the world via press releases, your brand awareness and customer engagement are still on the upswing—at least if I wrote your release they are—because they’re search engine optimized. Added perk! Your professional image gets a boost in the process.

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Hiring a writer with no journalism background to write your press release is an exercise in futility, ensuring failure when it comes to delivering the desired results. If the writer isn’t fluent in AP Style—the most utilized form of news writing that journalists learn over four years in college and continue to learn in the field—they should not be writing press releases.

When to issue a press release
There are plenty of opportunities for your organization to issue press releases, including:

Businesses aren’t the only ones utilizing press releases. Some examples of others who routinely employ press releases include:

Press releases that resonate
To create press releases that will resonate with audiences, it’s important for the writer to understand the unique characteristics of the client’s market or industry. He or she needs to know what issues are trending in order to give the press release a “voice” that accurately represents the organization’s corporate culture and exhibits the business owner’s expertise.                                                                                                                                            This is important because audiences feel a connection to businesses that are on top of their customers’ needs and problems. Once consumers feel a connection with a company, they’re very likely to do business with them. It’s also important for building a professional reputation among others in the industry and in the community.

With each press release I write, I focus on establishing what makes the company unique, gathering all pertinent information regarding the newsworthy announcement being made, determining what target audiences are searching for (which involves keyword and search term research to maximize SEO), and making sure it is written in a way that general audiences can easily digest while still engaging industry insiders.

Today’s digital world has broadened the scope of audiences that will read your press releases to infinitesimal numbers, which means every release has to be thoroughly professional, expertly written for all audiences to follow, error-free, and leave readers with a positive impression of you and your business. Having written press releases almost daily for more than 20 years, for legions of businesses and professionals in almost every conceivable market and industry, my expertise has become intuitive. With each new press release assignment I receive, I know I’ve  “got this.” I take pride in each release I produce, every one ticking every box—the media’s AP Style requirements (check), audience engagement (check), search engine optimization (check), brand exposure (check), and getting the business’s message out there,

I do all the heavy lifting
Enlist me to write your next press release, and discover how effortless the process can be for you. I do all the heavy lifting so you can get back to business. I submit a first draft for your review in as little as 24 hours after receiving the assignment. If any edits are needed, you can simply annotate the draft and email it back to me, and I will have the second draft back to you usually within a few hours.

I provide skilled and professional press release writing, development, and SEO services affordably—only $125 per release, not including wire service distribution. If you need distribution services, I will happily provide wire service options and cost estimates. I take care of the wire service submission duties as a courtesy to my press release customers at no additional cost. All you pay is their fees.

Press releases offer an effective way to convey your business’s important news without busting your PR budget

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