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Real estate blog writing services: current, informative blog articles researched, developed, and optimized to engage your target clients

Areas of Expertise

Residential Real Estate          Mulrifamily
Commercial Real Estate         High-denand amenities
Market Research          Real estate photography trends
Real Estate Investing          Real Estate Techbokogy
Landlord/Tenant Laws          Rental property investing & management
Financing          Flipping properties
Property Management          Real Estate Marketing
Smart Home Technology          Home staging


• Up-to-date market research
• Up-to-date keyword and search term research
• Blog topics developed based on top trending target customers searches for
maximum traffic potential
• Thorough search engine optimization (SEO) for maximum online target audience
reach and visibility
•  Each blog is approximately 600 –750 words, written with journalistic precision to
deliver unique, relevant information and maximiaze Google ranking

Real Estate Blogging: The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tool for Increasing Lead Generation, Boosting ROI and Improving Profitability

A Marketing Plan Without a Blog is like a Car With no Wheels
Blogging is the cornerstone of any of any effective marketing strategy. Blogging is considered an essential marketing tool among businesses in virtually every industry known to man, not the least of which is the real estate industry. I’ve written thousands of blogs for businesses and professionals in more than a dozen  commercial fields over the years, and at least 60 percent of all the clients for whom I’ve blogged represented some sector of the real estate sphere. Real Estate people know their marketing, and they know that online viibility is key to their success. And there’s plenty of statistical data out there confirming the benefits of blogging.

For instance, according to data gathered by HubSpot:

But just having a blog on your website doesn’t automatically guarantee dizzying levels of ROI and thousands of conversions. Publising one blog post isn’t going to generate thousands of conversions overnight. Successful blogging is fairly demanding and requires dedication to see rewards for your efforts. It calls for excellent writing skills, a keen understanding of search engine optimization (SEO),  and  it’s time-consuming.  Keeping up with market analytics, customer analytics, and keyword and search term trends in order to create the kind of  relevant, high-quality, content that not  nlyeets search engine crawler criteria for ranking but also meets the needs of consmers who are looking for new, pertinent information.

Blogging is an art and an exercise in stamina that just so happens to be highly valuable for bsiness if it’s done right and your results are measurable.

Great blogging means consistently improving your content to match exactly what your  customers and potential customers want to read.

But that pesky time crunch factor issue prevents many busy real estate professionals from reaping the benefits of creating and managing a successful blog. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Here’s a secret that industy pros–including your competitors–whodo have a robust blog cranking 24/7, reaping all the associated benefits: they all ooutsource their a contract writer like me.  A truly successful marketig plan in an mega-competitive industry like real estate must have, at its core, a high-quality, prolific, and consistent blog. Think of it like this: s vehicle wthout wheels. A lamp but no electricity. A  locked door with no key. You get the idea. In todau’s digital word a marketing plan witout a dynamic blog at its core is not going to serve your needs..

The cost of outsourcing content creation varies a great deal depending on who you hire and the quality of the writer. You don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for quality contemt if you find a great writer who prices their services competitively, like me. Of course, hirig a writer whose fees are temptingly low is probably a mistake. Seasoned, talented writers with all the necessaty bells and whistles –SEO expertise, data analysis skills, market research know-how, and keyword and search term research proficiency who are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to writing for your industry or market niche aren’t going to be found in the bare bones price range.  You do get what you pay for, after all. But the ROI you’ll experience with a great content writer will far surpass the writer’s fees. The ojective is  to find  a writer who offers a legitimate balance of  top-quality content and reasonable fees. For instance, me!

Bottom line, hiring an experienced, top-of-the-line web content creator (like me) is your best shot at reaping the lead-generation and ROI benefits that outsourcing your blog content offer.

My Guarantee
I am committed to delivering high-caliber content that drives results while positioning you as an industry expert.  Whether you need help developing a content strategy, writing a professional AP Style press release, cpnducting research, crafting search engine optimized content for your website or consistently producing polished and professional blog content, I’ve got you.

lAs a savvy real estate professional, you already understand the value of informative, professionally-written blogs tailored to your unique brand voice. From the initial research to  publication, I do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your clients. The result is always fresh, relevant content developed to increase your online visibility and boost traffic to your website. All blogs are created on your behalf and according to your specifications. If you want ghostwritten content, I’m on board! You are credited as t he content author to promote your status as an expert in your niche or market, while I stay behind the scenes. You own the content once it’s produced as well.

What I bring to the table
More than 20 years’ experience as a professional journalist in the real estate industry,  well-versed in residential and commercial real estate, real estate investing, multifamily and more.  I deliver timely and unique content  so your copy isn’t buried  in the “content noise” vortex, a sort of content limbo to which  earch engine crawlers  relegate weak, dated, and subpar content. Low-quality content sabotages so many content marketing campaigns, and the businesses that publish it are penalized with low rankings and little to no audience reach. I make sure every blog I write is based on topica that the analytics tell us your customers are searching for, which makes for exceptional audience engagement. My blogs are thoroughly researched and fact-checked, informative, intelligent, and—depending on your comfort level—contain touches of humor where it’s appropriate.

Still, a great blog needs expert search engine optimization (SEO) to be evaluated, ranked, and made available to online searchers.

Don’t waste your time or money on pre-written blog bundles
Purchasing pre-written blogs in discount bundles offer a very poor return on investment—in fact, you’ll probably end up losing money on these. Not only are pre-written blogs likely to offer no new or relevant information, but they also contribute significantly to the internet’s massive amount of content noisethat gets buried in the overload of low-quality internet content. Search engine crawlers rank it at the bottom of the barrel because of its stale copy, dodgy writing,  and since they’re sold to businesses nationwide and even worldwide, it becomes a duplicate content overload, and Google duplicate content is another no-go in Google’s content standardsguidelines. Businesses that purchase and publish these pre-written, boilerplate atrocities usually burn trhough their marketing budgets and are disappointed in the lack of results. Had they hired a professional to guide them instead of  operating blind to “save money,” they couuld have been chin-deep in ROI.

For content to earn elevated search engnane ranking and reach its rarget target audiences, it needs to be unique, informative, factuual, relevant, and engaging.  It should also highlight your unique qualities—consumers love content that tells tem what makes tour business.brand/;products different from the crowd’s

As a veteran real estate journalist and blogger with more than 20 years’ experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to deliver expertly researched, professionally-written content on topics ranging from local real estate news to high-demand amenities, real estate photogtaphy, industry technology, smart home technology, rental management, financing investment properties, flipping properties and much more.

I can also publish your blogs directly to your WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix or other website platform and distribute them to your social media sites for an additional fee.­­­­­­­

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