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Web content is written to inform, educate, accommodate, and motivate people to take some sort of action, such as make a purchase, sign up for an account, download a free report, and increase brand awareness, Web comes in a variety of forms. In addition to content published as part of a site’s primary web pages, web content also includes a consistent stream of fresh articles and information in the forms of blog posts, landing pages, press releases, promotional calls-to-action, product and service descriptions, images, videos, slideshows, podcasts, and more.

Portfolio Content Examples

Developing effective web content has unique demands. The content needs to capture the attention of target audiences who rely on online searches to find businesses or organizations that offer the information, products or services they need. For consumers to find an organization’s content online, it must first pass muster with search engine crawlers that establish the content’s quality and relevance to determine the placement in which the content will appear in search query results. The order of your content’s placement can make or break the success of your business’s marketing efforts, and its ability to generate leads.

Content relevance rank

The relevance and quality of web content are measured by search engine bots; the best content earns a coveted elevated ranking in search results for related queries. This is no easy task, but the rewards are well worth the effort—the higher the content’s ranking, the higher the company’s online visibility, and the greater the volume of traffic generated to your website. Low-quality content disappears from search results, along with your profit potential.

Google algorithm: content quality enforcement

Bear in mind, Google’s algorithm also measures the content’s quality, including spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Content containing errors sends up red flags and reflects badly on the source company. Google penalizes for these errors and relegates the offending company’s website to the bottom of the search results heap.

First impressions last

Visitors to your website take just a few seconds to decide whether your site offers the products or information they’re seeking and whether it gives a professional and welcoming impression, which is important for earning consumers’ trust. If potential customers like what they see, they will stay on the site, browse, and potentially buy something. If their immediate reaction is negative for whatever reason, they’ll beat a hasty retreat and move on to other search results until they find a business website that is structured.

Content establishes a business’s online professional image

So, not only does your website need to accommodate Google algorithm rules, it needs to accommodate customer expectations as well. In addition to presenting a professional and welcoming visual appearance, consumers want easy navigation, and informative, high-quality content. Effective content not only earns consumers’ trust, it also helps establish the company’s professional reputation as an industry expert.t.A successful website provides content that visitors can review quickly and easily—content that guides them to the information, products, and services they’re looking for. Intuitive, expertly written, search engine optimized (SEO) content is critical to driving traffic to your website. In fact, web content that falls short of meeting high standards can actually hurt your business as well as the business’s reputation.

Your web content is integral to y.our website’s success. It has to be right.. Enlisting a professional web content writer with SEO expertise us an investment in your business’s success.

Grabbing visitor attention and engaging your audience is a tall order. Developing, crafting, and optimizing great web content capable of achieving a company’s marketing goals is an exacting and time-consuming discipline that should be entrusted to

As a seasoned web content writer and developer with more than 20 years’ experience, I know how to develop and create professional, high-quality, personalized content, SEO’d for maximum search engine visibility. My specialty is writing content structured to achieve target customer engagement, client.brand-building, and conversions. Relevant, easy to comprehend,, informative,, and trafficable, I deliver content that also helps establish business owners as experts in their markets or industries.

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Contact me today to discuss your web content needs and goals. I happily provide free consultations, offer pricing options to fit your budget, recommend options for content marketing strategies that are personalized to your business’s unique needs. All content is customized to meet the business’s distinct vision and accommodate all applicable compliance with regulatory standards.

Motivate your target customers to visit your website and blog, and to keep coming back for more engaging and informative content. Content is key to establishing consumer trust and building a loyal customer following that will return to your business repeatedly over the years for products and services. They’ll also recommend your company to friends and family.

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web content writing and development portfolio Liz Ernst

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