January 15, 2018

Short bio writing service (continued)

Short Bio Example THE SHORT BIO

Unlike professional bios, a short bio is somewhat casual and fun, provided they cover all the important bases. Each short biography introduces your team or staff members highlights achievements and credentials and any notable contribution each individual team member makes to your organization.  They should be short and concise, listing only relevant information (no personal statistics such as family and hobbies). Short bios should be angled to the intended audience. Target audiences love these short bios, and they’ve even been found to build trust among consumers.

One or more expertly written brief biographies of staff or team members. It’s a good idea to have a single writer create all short bios for an organization for consistency and flow.

You receive::
•  A short bio, written to highlight your achievements and credentials succinctly
• Organic keyword optimization to facilitate an employer and network search
• Draft copies for your review in a Word document.

•  Fast turnaround