January 6, 2018

Web designer bio

Brian Heir
website designer

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Brian is a website designer who helps businesses and professionals by creating websites that offer a great user experience to attract more potential customers and grow their businesses.

Brian builds relationships with his business clients in order to make sure they’re communicating their company’s needs so he can, in turn, utilize the power of great design to plan for and accommodate a dynamic marketing strategy.

His love affair with computer software and design began in middle school, By high school he had mastered Adobe Photoshop, He also became skilled in Macromedia Dreamweaver, another Adobe product. Both programs are industry standard tools used by web design professionals worldwide.

Throughout high school, his lunch hours were spent building websites in the computer lab, or playing drums and performing as a vocalist with his award-winning band The Dixieland Jazz Ensemble.

As soon as he graduated high school, Brian was hired by Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, his hometown. After two years working full time for Lincoln Electric, he had saved enough money to attend Humber College in Toronto, where he studied jazz and contemporary music.

Since 2009, he has been traveling and performing on cruise ships all over the world with a jazz trio and visiting new cities and countries.

Still, he maintains work contracts with clients as a freelancer, designing and developing websites by day, and playing his music by night.  Brian is enthusiastic about technological innovation, which allows him to push the boundaries on everything he does.

He is always setting new goals, both personal and professional, to increase his overall effectiveness. He tries to integrate his skills with his interests, and his dreams with his everyday actions, practices that help keep him on a path of personal and professional growth.