February 3, 2017

What Every Business Needs to Survive (and Thrive)

Business owners, professionals, and others who depend on their website, blog and social media presence to generate leads should know these critical rules for marketing success:
Every business and professional who needs to generate leads to sell their products and services need
a blog, an active social media presence, and up-to-date, SEO-rich, high-quality website content. and an occasional press release to make sure Google and other search engine crawlers are finding them.

The lack of consistency in posting blogs—I’m talking a minimum of 8-10 informative, professionally written, SEO rich new blogs per month—is visibility. Potential customers who want what they offer can’t find them, so they move on to a competitor.

For years, marketing experts have emphasized how important blogging is for your digital success. But did you know that it is just as important to consistently publish fresh content on your blog as it is to blog in the first place?


Blogging Consistently is Crucial to Visibility, Lead Generation

Because blogging is so important, it’s tempting to craft each individual post with the precision of a literary masterpiece. After all, you want your blog to be a reflection of your company’s values. But are you spending so much time perfecting your posts that you don’t publish as frequently as you should?

While expertly written and search engine optimized content is critical to a blog’s success, so is a steady stream of new content. If you’re unable to fulfill both of these demands in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 hours per blog, tops) consistency will suffer. If you try to slam out copy quickly to meet the demand for consistency, unless you’re a professional writer and SEO expert, your content’s quality is going to suffer. Sub-par blog content turns readers off. They walk away wishing they could reclaim the 15 minutes they wasted reading the blog, and they won’t return to your site. They won’t share a disappointing blog with friends and family on social media. either, a valuable resource squandered. Your content must be consistent, and it must be interesting and well written to attract readers, potential customers, and search engine crawlers.


Exceptional Website Content: Your Business’s Best Competitive Advantage

Great website content is the most powerful marketing tool an organization can have in today’s high-tech, highly competitive business world. Anything less than engaging, informative, and professionally written content won’t help a business gain an audience when there are boatloads of entrepreneurs and corporations out there who are  diligently tending to their content and marketing demands. Those are the business owners who are happy to relieve you of customers, and they don’t mind paying a pro to do it extremely well.

The quality of your web content is what sets you and your business apart from a sea of competitors, among consumers as well as others in your industry. When your website is polished and  professional, and the content is designed to elicit a positive reaction from visitors, you know you’ve delivered your brand’s message successfully.

 a positive customer experience, large part by delivering the right content—the corporation’s brand message—to your target audience. If your content is beneficial to potential customers, if it’s useful, inviting, and even a bit edgy, it will attract attention. But it’s not all about hip graphics and design, all those things are certainly important. However, you could have the most elaborate, visually appealing website on the planet, but if the content is dated, thin on helpful information, or the same old self-serving corporate speak purchased from content mills with little quality oversight, it has nothing potential customers want. Consumers want to feel a personal connection with the businesses they frequent. They want to know there are real humans at work.  Every business owner on the planet should be acutely aware of the real damage a weak or neglected website has on their bottom line.

Ultimately, content is king and it’s what drives traffic to your business, turning leads into loyal customers. All the other components of your website (design, images, videos, etc.) serve a secondary support role. With expert SEO woven in, you have a beautiful and distinctive web presence that sets you apart from your competitors, and makes you look good. Remember, your website is the first glimpse of you and your company consumers get, and first impressions are critical.

Great website content begins with market research. Establish your high value customers (HVC), identify what they’re shopping for, and how your products or services can help solve a problem they’re looking for help with. From there, you can map out an effective marketing plan that targets them with a customer-centric strategy.

Do not under-estimate the marketing power of your website content. Since most people conduct web searches to check out their merchant options before they go shopping for the thing they need, capturing their attention with an expertly-crafted, positive and approachable message via your website means you’ll stand out from the others. You’ve made a great first impression straight out of the gate. This is how consumers become loyal customers. The overall website content, along with a dynamic blog packed with relevant and engaging articles, will motivate them to shop with you. Utilizing tag lines equipped with a clear value proposition and effective call-to-action that makes it easy for them to purchase from you is just good business.

SEO Page Ranking

Never underestimate the power of new, updated, and frequent content as a factor in search engine optimization (SEO).

Each time a new page appears on your website, Google and other search engines will note
your site as one that updates content frequently.

As a result, search engines will likely crawl your site more often than a site that doesn’t update content as often.

In short, search engines tend to give greater weight and SEO boosts to sites that
update content frequently.

Search engines continuously crawl your site looking for new content. Even if you don’t post new content to a post, search engines will still crawl that page. However, search engines will crawl your site more frequently and give your post greater weight if you’re constantly adding new content and updating existing content.

Other factors influencing your SEO page rank include building a network of inbound links. Getting reputable sites to link to your site tells search engines that the information on your site or page is a credible source for information.

Keyword Benefits

A frequently updated blog’s SEO benefits go beyond mere indexing and crawling—they also give you the opportunity to increase the amount and range of keywords for which you rank.

For example: if you are a local veterinarian looking to attract pet owners to your website, chances are that potential clients will search for keywords ranging wildly, from “dog dental care” to “bird feather diseases.” If you update your blog frequently, you can devote individual posts to a wide range of keywords related to your business and increase the chances that potential customers using very specific keywords will find you using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Unless you’re in the minority among small- and medium-sized businesses, your website is likely not the only avenue you use to promote your products or services in the digital universe. You probably also have a social media account, where steady content is just as important as it is on your blog.

Of course, coming up with that content is not always easy, especially during weeks in which business seems slow, you’ll be thankful for the opportunity to share your new blog posts on social media on a regular basis.

Social Media Content

Unless you’re in the minority among small- and medium-sized businesses, your website is likely not the only avenue that you use topromoteyour products or services in the digital realm. You probably also have a social media account, on which regular content is just as important as it is on your blog.

Of course, coming up with that content is not always easy. Especially during weeks where not much seems to be going on in your business, you’ll be thankful for the opportunity to share your new blog posts on social media on a regular basis.

Reader Expectations

Most blog hosting services now offer readers the opportunity to subscribe for future updates, making it easier for marketers to engage their existing readership. When you consistently update your blog, you set up expectations for fresh content among your readers, who will begin to see you as a thought leader in the topics featured in your blog. When the topics are interesting and the content informative and well-written, they’ll also share your blogs with friends, family, and the world at large via social media. 

Considering that return visitors add significant value to your website, offering  new content regularly to your readers helps you significantly grow your digital presence.

In other words, blogging regularly is just as important as engaging in the practice to begin with. In the words of HubSpot’s blog manager Pamela Vaughan:


“When it comes to business blogging, there’s no doubt that consistency is important. Just consider the fact that companies that increase blogging from three to five times per/month to six to eight times per month almost double their leads.”

So how frequently do you blog? Answering that question is key to successfully growing your online presence and gaining customers. If the answer is not often enough, consider outsourcing your content to a professional. Liz Ernst and ernstPR offers high-quality, expertly written and search engine optimized blogs and website content. We also provide skilled social media posting and management services, all at affordable rates. 

If you’re worried about the cost of outsourcing, consider how much potential business and income you’re losing every week if your content is neglected. You’re busy running a business! You can’t do it all. Keeping up with your website content, blog, and social media presence consistently takes a significant amount of time, expertise, and dedication. If you’re not outsourcing these critical tasks, you’re losing business to your competitors who are. 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. What have you got to lose? Plenty.


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